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  1. So far, i have booked those photoshoots : Friday : Carl Weathers Dolph Lundgren Madds Mikkelsen Matthew Lillard Jamie Kennedy Laurie Holden Bex Taylor Klaus Keith David Julian Sands Bronson Pinchot SATURDAY : Jeremy Renner Ted Dibiase Hardcore Holly Gail Kim Jim Duggan Kristian Nairn and the door Richard Brake Joe Naufahu Kae Alexander JAck Gleeson Ellie Kendrick Natalia Tena SUNDAY: Ron Perlman Rutger Hauer Elden Henson Dominic Monaghan Adam Copeland Famke Janssen Harold Perrineau Tobin Bell Jeremy Renner And i'm really consider booking Judge Reinhold , John Ashton and maybe Ian McDiarmid...
  2. I have booked so far 9 photoshoots for friday, 11 for saturday et 9 for sunday ...Don't panic ^^ I have benn in LFCC last year with a lot of photoshoots too and have done all... Showmasters are very good organized and if you have two photoshoots at the same time , they'll find a solution
  3. As usual, STEVE BUSCEMI will be a perfect diamond guest... Realistic guests i'll love to meet : Zachary Quinto Tobin Bell Tony Todd Danny Pudi Juliet Landau Lance Henriksen Michael Madsen Dream guests : Harvey Keitel Tim Roth Samuel L Jackson Katey Segal Any HBO's OZ cast Any Z Nation cast
  4. I think this year i will spend sooooo much money (and all the guest list is not complete). This year, i'll meet : Ron Perlman Dolph Lundgren Mads Mikkelsen Ruter Hauer Matthew Lillard Jamie Kennedy Jack Gleeson Elden Henson Laurie Holden Bex Taylor Judge Reinhold John Ashton Bronson Pinchot Dominic Monaghan Isaac Hempstead Joe Naufahu Ellie Kendrick Nathalia Tena Gail Kim Hardcore Holly Ted Dibiase Maybe : Keith David John Wesley Shipp Julian Sands Aaron Stanford Jim Duggan Thanks God, i'm not in Autographs, only in Photoshoots ^^
  5. Danny Trejo would be awesome ! Or please , brign back the Hoff !!
  6. This year, for my second LFCC , a friend and I will certainly takes gold pass, cause we'll take a lot of photoshoots (last year, i have done 27) and want to be as cool as possible , don"t waste time in the queues... We just wanted to know how does it works for choose the 2 autos and 2 photoshoots that are free ... Do we have to decide when buying ? or the day of LFCC ? Another question , even if it is not really the good topic : normally my girlfriend will come with us in London, but she will be pregnant since 6 months for LFCC, and she is afraid to come LFCC cause last year there wwas soooo much people and the queue may be rude. She is a little disapointed cause she is really interested with two guests (at this point). So i would like to ask if there is some kind of priority for photoshoots queue for pregnant ladies before buying her the tickets ! Thanks for answer , and sorry for my unperfect english (I am French ^^)
  7. I am French, so my english is not perfect , but "They" or "their" didn"t mean more than one ?? Join us at 8pm tomorrow night (Friday) to find out who they are! This will be their first convention appearance, who can it be?
  8. Anyone from Z Nation David Hasselhoff Danny Trejo
  9. As usual , Steve Buscemi !! and Christy Hemme for the wrestling !!! More realistic, Ian Ziering or Tara Reid...Zachary Quinto...
  10. Traynor photobombed the Coulter pic of my friend too !! Traynor is really nice !
  11. Hi...We just arrived home, and when we look at our packs (2 x 1985 and 2x 2015) , we just realized that it was supposed to be a ID card inside , and we don't have any of those 4 !!! Are we alone in this case ? How can we get them ?
  12. What may be a little solution for people dont be screwed by fake tickets, is to put the max bid on ebay to be sure they didnt sell the tickets to anyone else and never pay ... The time the auction ends , and the time for them to cancel , it would be to late for them...and by the way , red feedback...
  13. I think we are all waiting for the first announcment... :clap:
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