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  1. Would love some SGU guests in the mix !
  2. Glad you've got Paul for a weekend event! It's going to be great!
  3. Had a great weekend! I've been to every Chevron and I can honestly say I LOVE the changes that have been made to the photo shoots! The atmosphere was great, everyone was relaxed and having fun! I think having music is a great idea, it changes the whole feeling of the photo shoots- it was more laid back and generally far more enjoyable :-) Thank you again to all at Massive Events- was a great show and I look forward to Chevron 8.0!!
  4. Would love to see some SGU guests!! Would like to meet David Blue again, he was a great guest before!
  5. Thank you! Received one of our letters on Tuesday x2 Gold! Still waiting for the letter for my sisters silver ticket!!
  6. juliekemp


    Name: Julie-Ann Ticket type bought: Gold 78! What Chevrons have you attended in the past ? All of them!!
  7. :) Can't wait to find out who is going to be there!!
  8. May I ask what we paid the extra 30 Pound for? Honestly doen't it tell you something about the status of these 'Big guests' that you have given us, if you can't even find an image of them!
  9. Means I won't be meeting him! Saturday is the ONLY day I will not be going! Just my luck! Never mind...hopefully will get to see him at a future event! x
  10. Yay! Get Paul back!! I heart him very much!
  11. Can't wait to meet Chris again! He is a great guest! Thank you SM! x
  12. YES! Bring back Jamie! He was great! I really loved meeting him, i could honestly sit through hours of him talking!! He made me laugh so much!! You could also book his lady friend, It would be great meeting Bonnie aswell! PLEASE SM Book them for MM2!!!
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