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  1. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz-tv/hot-tv/631546/Doctor-Who-assistant-dead-Deborah-Watling-aged-69
  2. Would love to see a good mix of people ranging from Doctor who, Star Wars & Professional Wrestling. Doctor Who: Noel Anthony Clarke, Camille Coduri, Jimmy Vee, Nicholas Briggs, Star Wars: Dave Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch, Wrestling: Sabu, Edge, Christian, Tatanka, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Rockstar Spud, Rey Mysterio, Bret Hart, Eric Bishoff, Jim Cornette, Anyone from ITV's world of sport (Current & Classic).
  3. Shame to hear she's had to cancel this event :-(. Hope to see her at a future NFCC soon!
  4. This is 2 shows in a row at Newcastle that you have had no wrestling guests! Why! 2015 November's was mint! #Showmastersbookwrestlers .
  5. Would love to see Edge seeing as he unfortunately canceled for the November 2016 event, Sabu (ECW Wrestling Legend), Alberto El Patron (FKA Alberto Del Rio In WWE), Kurt Angle (WWE/TNA Wrestling Legend), Dave Prowse (Star Wars), Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars), Vader (Wrestling Legend), Grado (TNA/ICW Wrestler). More will be added once I can think of additional people I would like to see appear.
  6. Such sad news The only guest I wanted to meet at this event Hoping for a possible other wrestling appearance to replace edge? If not I don't think i'll attend this show. Otherwise I hope for 2017 May Newcastle Comic Con
  7. A bit of a let down that she's not going to be there this weekend. But of course her health comes first!!
  8. Billy Dee Williams, David Prowse, Jeremy Bolloch, Kenny Baker, John Morton,, Scott Hall, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Lita, Ray Park, Rey Mysterio, Ted Dibiase sr, Kevin Smith, Anyone from The Walking Dead, X pac, Al Snow, CM Punk (pushing my luck a little bit), AJ Lee, Paul Heyman, The Undertaker. Thanks :) I know some of these suggestions are a bit too slim, but lets just see what happens Thanks DVF92
  9. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET BILLY DEE WILLIAMS TO COME TO NFCC. Sabu, Grado, Ray Park, Chyna, Colt Cabana, Phil Brooks 'CM Punk'.
  10. Sabu, Grado, Paul London, Leah Von Dutch, Tammy Snytch, Kenny Baker, Mr Anderson, Tommy Dreamer, Rockstar Spud, John Morton,
  11. Hello there, I just wondering if anyone out there would love to see a comeback for showmasters to do a Newcastle Film & Comic Con in November 2015? Me and my friends enjoyed this past march event, and like the Cardiff one we would love to see a November event happen at the metro radio arena! Do you think its a good idea? And if so do you think showmasters should do this? PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN SHOWMASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks :) DVF92
  12. I would love to meet the dudley boyz or the hardys at the newcastle film and comic con 2016! Please make this happen!
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