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  1. I have Pele Diamond on the Saturday, and I assume this is the case for him too? Does this mean I do not need to fret about times etc and I will just be allocated one on the day? Sorry - I am trying to keep up with all of these posts! Thanks
  2. Ah yes, sorry I was getting confused with the part about the photo shoots on there. When do you pick a time for a photo then, when you get there?
  3. On the Pele page it says that you must arrange your photo time at the time of booking. Have I misread this or misunderstood it, as there was no opportunity to do this. It also says diamond passes will be called in ticket order, which is to be found on the ticket. Where is this. As surely not the really long barcode?
  4. Is there any news on how many passes are left? Roughly when do you think they will sell out as I need to wait to see if I can get the time off work?
  5. I note the response from Show Masters Pre-Orders, and see that now Brian Robson and Anthony Joshua are available for pre-order. I am right in thinking that the others will hopefully change from "sold out" to available over the coming days, as it makes sense to order them all at the same time?
  6. Thanks for the update. Does that mean they may come on later today?
  7. I have been checking EVERY DAY for the sports celebs to appear on the pre-order page, and up to yesterday they were still not there. Today I look, and they are there, but ALL sold out already?! Has someone bulk purchased them all or something, as this seems incredibly unfair? Is there anything that can be done please, as I have been waiting ages for these and literally ALL of the ones I was after (Robson/Law/Cohen/O'Sullivan) are sold out. I hope there is something that can be done.
  8. I have sent a request in via the pre order page about a week ago without reply. Are they definitely likely to respond?
  9. Smashing, thanks for the information. The MK Collectormania was fantastic (I attended in person) but will have to wait and see how my shifts go at work for the Bournemouth one! Cheers.
  10. Morning, I was hoping to get to this event, but it depends on work etc. I noticed on the Collectormania event at MK earlier in the June, that there was the option for pre-orders (which I assume means you can send things in to be signed?). Will this option be open to Bournemouth, and if so, when are you able to send things in and order etc please? Thanks
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