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  1. Hey Amazon, I totally got a kick when you called out "I am that I am", so I just had to see who it was. I was more than happy to assimilate both you and your daughter. Though my two favorite assimilations where: a baby whose loving parents placed in my arms plus a reporter who totally did not get Trek and I sort of freaked her out. The baby cried which I credit to creative parenting and the reporter gave me a WTF look. Both priceless.
  2. Well Media 10 dropped the ball by not having a costume contest scheduled, reflecting that they are still very new to the SciFi convention world. The Trekkie Girls actually saved the day by telling Media 10 they would like to do a contest during their Saturday Stage B lineup. Thus it was so last minute and I did not hear of it until someone told me just 45 minutes before the contest. I did a quick run to the bathroom to refresh my makeup and was fortunately ready in time. Yes I do carry my makeup with my costume, as it was a result of a lesson learned in a previous contest with my face a mess and no makeup.
  3. I interviewed Media 10's Director of Marketing and he said it will be in London within the next year. If so I and my lovely wife will attend.
  4. Media 10 informed me it will be in the UK within a year. I'd love for it to be in Scotland, but would put my money on London again. Just by population of the greater London area at 9.8 million, it would be the most logical place to hold it to draw the largest amount of geeks possible.
  5. Here's my blog link: www.treknews.net/2014/03/02/report-destination-star-trek-Germany/
  6. Do a Google image search, "trek Frankfurt", "Destination Star Trek Germany", "Borg Germany", etc... I've already found several good pics of the conventoin. Good Luck.
  7. Sadly I was informed by DSTG staff that there will be no costume contest/parade like they did two years ago in London. The DSTG website specifically mentions a "Costume Parade" but alas it is not so. Its a total bummer especially since costume contests are standard fare at SF/Fantasy conventions. I know aother shows always have similar contests or competitions. Maybe it just shows how much a learning curve Media 10 has since this is only their second time running a science fiction convention. I almost decided not to schlep my Borg Mark III costume across the Atlantic, but what the heck it is already done so I will bring it and wear it on Saturday. Though I am not excited like a little kid any more. Have you ever seen a grown Borg cry? If you are attending in costume and are similarly disappointed, make sure to mention it if you are approached by the press and or media.
  8. I thought of posting sightseeing ideas for those new to Frankfurt. I've been there couple of times. Frankfurt is interesting, but no Berlin, Munich, nor Cologne. Please feel free to add any additional ideas and or websites. Romerberg (Olde City Center) Dom (aka Cathedral) Eiserner (Iron Bridge, foot bridge over the River Main) Alte Oper (Old Opera House) Museums a plenty Roman Fort www.saalburgmuseum.de City of Cologne (aka Koln is 1 hour by train & much more interesting than Frankfurt) Cologne Carnival Feb. 27-Mar. 4 (Crazy wild fun) www.cologne.de Frankfurt City website www.frankfurt.de wikitravel.org
  9. Just printed our tickets. WOOOHOOO!
  10. If we can get any information on the Costume Parade, I'd suggest that is the best time and place for a DS9( or any other meetup, i..e. Borg Collective. I've asked, through the official DSTG website, for info on the Costume Parade, but have never heard back. Also it does not appear on the present "timetables". Now there is facebook page just for DSTG, which I have just joined in hopes of more information. That will also be a good place to arrange meetups.
  11. You will have to ask my lovely wife for the entire listing of my many deformities, but I'll list a few: 1. Baby Queen Borg (Most likely attached to back unless being carried) 2. Left arm with lights, double claws, & tubes running everywhere. 3. Head with very bright light, obligatory red laser, crystal left eye, and back of head is a skeleton face. I hope to finish this weekend and if so will post a pic.
  12. Or you could just take ask to take a picture for free with some cosplayers done up as Borgs.
  13. Danke meine freund. Ja we depart Washington DCA twelve days hence for Frankfurt FRA. Your intelligence shows you are worthy of assimilation. We look forward to adding your biological und technological distinctiveness to our own.
  14. As we have been separated from the Collective, we do not know of a regeneration chamber at the convention. Might you be speaking of the Borg photo shoot? Do tell? Oh we are well aware of the many requests for photos whilst looking for intelligent life to assimilate at the mass gathering of future drones. I agree that this time around we will post pics on photobucket,flickr, and pinterest. Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated! Yadda, yadda, yadda. You know the rest.
  15. Greetings all who are to be assimilated. Might any who took part in the DST London Costume Parade/Contest offer their insights into of process, judging, and any other thoughts. I've taken part in the Vegas Star Trek costume contest and made it into the final round as seen in my profile pic. Many thanks for any and all data.
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