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  1. If a thread like this does not exist yet - would be nice to collect all links to the thousands of pics and reviews we did about that great event :) Here is a nice review my boyfriend did on his Online Magazine: http://vikisecrets.com/news/destination-star-trek-log-entry-1 Here's my FB album: https://www.facebook...85618015&type=1
  2. Pity it was so hidden the costume contest - I'd loved to attend - but we missed it.
  3. In case I will not fit into one of the planned Star Trek outfits - or at least on one day I will be in my usual outfit as Xena - maybe as guest from the holo deck
  4. Hm as it is 3 days at least one day I should go as myself in my Xena outfit. And maybe that star trek role would fit to me:
  5. Still I am indecisive if I will attend in any outfit. How are you coming?
  6. Thank you for the info. I buyed my ticket now and as well the William Shatner photo ticket.
  7. Are the tickets sold out quickly? E.g. William Shatner - is it necessary to buy it as soon as possible online? Or is there a chance to get one directly at the con?
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