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  1. With each kilometer away from the NEC, the prices drop further . It all depends on how much time you want to be in a bus.
  2. Bigger announced actors are usually busier on the day itself. You'll see continuous queues at Shatner fo example For photoshoots there will (most likely) be fixed timeframes in which you can join the queue. You purchase a photoshoot for a specific day beforehand (on the website)! If you want to attend a lot of them, these photoshoots MIGHT overlap somehow if you're unlucky. At DST2 (Germany) I missed Gates McFadden, but I was allowed to join the queue the day after. You should always consult employees there if you have a situation in which you are likely to miss something. They might even push you to the front of a line. Autographs are purchased on site, and work with overall queues... first come, first serve, within the fixed timeframe an actor / person has. Money... well that depends greatly on what you want to do. Bring some food-and-drink money maybe (40 bucks a day?!) and if you'd like autographs, try to figure out the total price of these before you go . They'll be on the website shortly.
  3. As organizers you'll need to pick a date to 'come forward with your event'. That date might already have been stretched a little to wait for signings... who knows. It might be so that the remaining 5 captains are on the verge of signing / confirming... ... I know ... ... yes ... I know... ... just leave me be naive, ok
  4. Amazing indeed. Doc. Kruge... Recently watched 'A Million Ways To Die In The West' again... seriously cracks me up everytime I see him
  5. The misery of being allknowing... through Facebook and Twitter
  6. I felt the same at the origal DSTL, but still went to have my picture taken. There's something special to having a moment like that captured because no matter how you look at it... Shatner and Nimoy are the very start of Star Trek. Since you cannot meet Nimoy or Roddenberry anymore... meeting Bill Shatner is the closest you'll get to '50 years back' . (No, Mr. Koenig is 49 years back ) Maybe they'll sign Ms. Nichols or Mr. Takei too ?! (please do!)
  7. Will be having a photoshoot this time I guess. TOS is a little before my time, but I still enjoyed the episodes and especially movies :).
  8. And you can't blame them either . Stuff is exactly as expensive as people are willing to pay for it...
  9. I'm affraid to be happy... since this could very well be a dissapointment again ;-). That being said... YESSSS !!!
  10. Unless Jolene Blalock (you forgot all about her...?!) has no place to stay and needs the couch... you're quite welcome
  11. Slightly off topic: If you're visiting Frankfurt and if you're driving by car, be sure to get a 'environment sticker' (Umwelt-plakette) !! It's a sticker you need to have on your window which proves your car is (relatively) environment-friendly. http://www.umwelt-plakette.de/ Not having one, can result in fines.
  12. I found out that you need to check your tickets well. I ordered a talk with Karl Urban for the sunday, but they gave me a ticket for saturday. In my case it doesn't really matter, but I can imagine some people getting into trouble because of this. I have some 'doubles' on my schedule, so I'll just run my a** off .
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