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  1. There comes another thing to my mind: Everyone knows the names of the guests. But the guests don't know ours of course. So maybe these little "Hello, my name is..." signs would be nice for every visitor. The guests could adress us much easier and you won't have to spell your name for every personal autograph again and again. I guess that could extend the "we're one big family"-feeling I had in frankfurt even more.
  2. So let's see when and where we'll have DST3. And then we'll team up and rock the house. Days to remember.
  3. Well, I'm also very shy and still kick my ass everyday, that I didn't prepare some questions. But none of the guests bit me. They were all very kind. My hands were shaking like hell, so Connor just laughed and tried to help me get a bit more relaxed (didn't help much to be honest, but nice of him that he tried). I took even took my chances to go to my favs again to say goodbye in the evening as they sat there without anyone else around. When there is no queue you can talk to the guest as long as you feel comfortable. You gonna feel when it's enough. Just prepare a "start question" and the rest will follow. Don't worry too much! If you and I are both going to attend the next DST maybe we could meet and be shy toghether in front of the guests.
  4. My wishlist: Scott Bakula, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating and maybe Anthony Montgomery. London would be fine. I've never been there before. Germany (though it's not realistic) or Paris would also be great. Then I wouldn't have to go alone. I could take my husband with me and he could visit the city while I'm on the con. Well, we'll see. But next time, if there's a next time, we'll have to meet. I'd really like to see the faced behind the people here.
  5. One thing I really liked was that everything was so open (esp. the autograph tables). For me there was no need for a VQS.
  6. I read somewhere that Connor did comercials for a japanese tobaco company so I googled it and found the other spot as well. Yes, Scott and Connor are the reason why I watched Star Trek in the first place. Let's see if I'm lucky and can meet them both at DST3.
  7. I didn't know in which topic to post it, so I created a new one. Look what I've found... [media=]
  8. To be honest, when I first thought about going to DSTG I also complained about the costs (but only to my husband and not in public). But then I considered that it is worth the money. And now I've been there... WOW! Where do you have the Chance to get in contact with the actors like that. The Chance to talk to them even for half an hour. And for that you didn't have to pay one Cent (exept for the entrance fee)! I'm quite sure they are Germans. We are famous for always complaining
  9. tombo74! I'm totally with you . I would also travel everywhere (in Europe). But it was hard enough to convince my love this time (he only agreed because I won the bet as Connor replied my tweet). Maybe it will be different if I'll go alone next time. Paris would be wonderful also.
  10. Well, i hope it's going to be a German City again, or maybe Vienna would also be fine. I guess my husband would kill me if I wanted to fly to GB, Spain or Italy just for Star Trek. But I think it won't be Germany again
  11. Yeah, I had the best day of the year. I never would have thought it would be that wonderful. Here's my little treasure...
  12. I'm think 1of2 is right. I somehow felt a bit sorry for the guests as they were sitting there side by side. Especially when noone was with them to get an autograph or talked to them. People were standind in front of them, staring at them, taking pictures like they were animals in the zoo.
  13. Maybe you should read your 'have met'-list more often You don't have to be jealous
  14. Ah, I forgot one thing. Whoever will organize the next event... It would be great if the autograph tables could be on a higher platform. It felt strange to look down on the guests. As it was a bit loud I always had to bend forward that they could hear me. Poor Vaughn said about 10 times "Pardon me!" because he didn't get me. So I started to hunker down like a lot of other people, but that's not a comfortable position either.
  15. So, i'm back home and it feels like it was only a dream! In the morning it was really boring as there were only a few people, no actors visible and I was too tired I guess. But things improved immediately when I saw Connor in the fotosession area. The picture I got with him is just amazing. Kudos to showmastersonline for that! A bit later Dominic atonished me when he pulled me next to him saying "hello sweetheart!" . Also a nice picture, but it can't beat the one with Connor (sorry Domi). After that we went to the autograph tables where a lot of actors were just sitting around. We took photos of most of them and I waited for Dominic and Connor to finish their fotosessions. Unfortunately when it was my turn with Dominic a girl from the fotosession area came to take him back as a few people didn't get their pictures with him yet. Although I said I would come back later he made his quick signature and vanished so I couldn't talk to him. Btw. I only needed 1 token for both autographes (on my ENT-Box and in my autograph book). As I already bought 4 token I decided to spent one on Rene Auberjonois to surprise my Mum and my stepfather, who absolutely love Odo. He was very kind. I explained that they love him, but couldn't come. He painted Odos Bucket for them and personalized his autograph althought my mothers name Ursula is not very common in the US (he practiced on another piece of paper until he spelled it right as he didn't want to ruin the autograph). Then Connor was back and I had the chance to get my autographes from him. He laughed as I told him how nervous I was and showed him my shaking hands " Stop that! (in a serious tone)" I could barely speak as my brain refused to form ordinary English sentences. How embarassing, I mean he's only a man (a real nice and cute one, though). Absolutely stoked I was by Vaughn Armstrong. He wrote "Jumamji, I Love You!" (with my real name of course) in my autograph book. And then he tried to write down all 12 charakter names but failed after 5. As I only know ENT I couldn't help him. So we chated for a few minutes. Very very nice and kind man! After lunch we visited Connors & Dominics Talk and I had the chance to ask my question. It was a lot of fun to see how down to earth and relaxed they were telling jokes and tales and mocking each other. I really felt sympathy for a German girl who tried to ask Connor something about sports. As she started her question with telling that she once had dinner with Dominic in Vegas where he told her, he played golf, Dominic took over. "I remember you! How are the kids?" Everyone was laughing as it sounded like the kids where his. The girl tried to phrase her question again and again but everytime she took breath Dominic went on with this joke. It took about 2 minutes till Connor finally guessed the rest of her question and answered. Then we wanted to attend the DS9 Talk but it was too crowded. As there were no Free Talk Tickets people were queueing up in front of the entrance, but we didn't find the end of the queue. It looked like it went to infinity and beyond... so we decided to leave. For a last goodbye I went to the autograph tables. Now I had the heart to tell Connor it was me whos tweet he answered about 3-4 weeks ago and showed it to him on my smartphone (he touched it ) as he of course pretended to remember, but I guess he didn't. I said goodbye, thanked him for the great day, told him to say hello to his wife and son, we shook hands once again and that was it. I'll never forget this day in my life! Dominic was Prince Charming again. I also said goodbye and thanked him for the great day. "Want a kiss?" Who would want to day no to this, hm? He stood up and gave me kisses on both cheeks. I'll never wash my face again, I swear!!! On my way out I guess I passed by 'I am that I am' but didn't dare to address him, Sorry, man! But your costume was absolutely great! Far better then the transsexual 7 of 9 I saw (I don't want to know where he put his 'thing' ) I hope everyone had also some great days. See you on another DST some day.
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