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    Who met TOM ATKINS

    no wasnt being sarcastic halloween 3 is a good movie
  2. shopsmart

    Who met TOM ATKINS

    halloween 3 being a top movie!
  3. shopsmart

    Who met GEORGE ROMERO?

    when i met king george i got knightriders signed. He seemed really impressed i had it as he classes it as one of his 2 most personal movies. the other being martin. was really intresting learning how he had ideas for that movie. chatted about his involvment with tales from the darkside series. Also talked about the genius that is ed harris
  4. shopsmart

    claire higgins

    anyone at all even notice her? lol
  5. shopsmart

    What dedications did you get?

    ADRIENNE BARBEAU wrote call me billie everyone does! george romero yield or fight on my knightriders poster was claire higgins there today. i wanted to go but lack of funds. anyone see her?
  6. shopsmart

    claire higgins

    did anyone meet claire higgins? what was she like and anypics?
  7. shopsmart

    Andrew Tiernan

    he was very cool. but have to say i adore the lady who was crewing with him onsaturday. Ive been to a few showmasters events and everytime she has been fun to talk to in the ques. especially the corey haim and feldman que a while back. showmasters give her an award
  8. shopsmart

    The nicest CM12 guest?

    george romero was amazing again also Adrienne Barbeau. Every guest was amazing even the big guests such as george takei who took time to chat with us.
  9. shopsmart


    hi guys i had my pic with george takei on sat but had to go before i picked it up. how do i get my picture? I was going to go in today but realised i have no money for the train doh.