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  1. Davewatson

    Special assistance required

    Finger crossed for that reply. I did use the contact us link on the website earlier in the week asking for Friday or Saturday but didn't hear anything back
  2. Davewatson

    Special assistance required

    Those rules seems a little harsh, especially towards someone with a disabilty.
  3. Dear Sirs, I have received my ticket for the London Comicon this weekend, however I am unable to attend on the assigned day as I have recently undergone emergency foot surgery and require special assistance when on my feet after a short period of time. Unfortunately the person who has been acting as my temporary carer is unavailable on Sunday so I am writing to see if it is possible to change the ticket for one on Saturday. I appreciate that’s is a late request however the surgery was brought forward and could not be avoided, I trust you can accommodate my request. Kind regards David.
  4. Davewatson

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    I spoke to Yvonne Craig (or Bat Girl as many of us will know her) last week via her website. I said I'd love to meet her at a convention in the UK and she replied that she'd be interested in doing one, but would need to be invited by a show. Come on Show Masters make my summer. It would make sense as the DVD/Blurays of the series will be released for the first time this month. I'm sure there will be lots of fans boxset in hands ready to meet her.
  5. I'm so pleased he's back. I didn't get the chance to get to Cardiff last year (Stupid DIY decorating!!) and was kicking myself for weeks afterwards. Does anyone know what he was charging for a sketch at Cardiff? As it would be good to have a rough idea of budget before I arrive. Thanks :)
  6. Davewatson

    Guest Suggestions!

    Any chance of getting Yvonne Craig The original (and the best) Batgirl? Lee Meriwether was amazing at Cardiff and I see from Yvonnes website that she is eager to do shows outside of the USA. Come on Showmasters. Make my day.
  7. Hey Lloyd, Good to hear from mate. I haven't had time to sort out getting all of my pics online yet but most of them (including the sketch by David Lloyd, which I love) are on my facebook page. Just look up David Watson. Otford, Kent and send me a friend request. I should be the only one. But If not my profile picture is me with David Hasslehoff at LFCC.
  8. Awesome. I love The Savage Dragon. It'll be great to meet him & I'll be treating myself to a sketch too.
  9. What an amazing guest to have. I never thought any of the Batman stars would come to the UK. I wouldn't normally attend Cardiff (as It's quite a way from Kent) but I'll see you all there. The 60's Batman was the start of my love for Comics & Sci Fi. Last year I treated myself to a ticket to a Con' in the USA so that I could meet Adam West, Burt Ward & Julie Newmar. It was great, except it left me a little sad that I probably wouldn't get the chance to meet Lee or Yvonne Craig Thank You Showmasters for booking an amazing guest.
  10. Great guest. Nice guy. I have a few Dragons Claws I'd like to get signed.
  11. Davewatson

    Comic guests no-show.

    We've aways had a good time in the CZ. We meet Geoff Senior & Simon Furman this time and got a couple of brilliant Dragon Claws sketches.
  12. Davewatson

    Latest Guest Announcement - MIRA FURLAN

    Excellent guest. I'll have to have a photo shoot. More B5 guest please SM's
  13. Excellent News. I missed him in the Summer because I couldn't get there on the saturday. I'd better dig out those copies of "Dragon's Claws" again
  14. Davewatson

    Guest suggestions

    How about Adam West & Burt Ward. They do a few Cons together in the states it would be nice to have them here.
  15. Does anyone know what day(s) he'll be attending? Meeting him last year was brilliant.