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  1. Yes it was that one. Thanks for the info.
  2. This is primarily to Showmasters. My mother visited LFCC on Saturday. She saw a poster (I beleve it was behind William Shatner) of him as Cpt Kirk, and what she thinks was Boston Legal. Is this poster for sale? If not do you know where she can get one, as she would like to own one.
  3. (Sugest a new start) Football.
  4. Gojira

    True Blood Pets

    Not as in Fernando Alonso, the F1 driver.
  5. My mum is planing on comming. She would like to see William Shatner, not for a pic or autograph, though. She want's to ask him something. Would she still need to get a ticket, wich would be basicaly waisted. Or could she just go up to him and talk for a moment? I know that you DO allow this if the guest is not that busy. But it is likely that he will be busy most of the day. So how would she go about getting a quick word?
  6. This is not Plunderbird. I'm a friend of his who he has given permission to to use this account because my own has not been validated by mods for a month or so. The website hasn't been updated since last year so I wanted to know if theres still a cosplay masquerade or if cosplays allowed at all ( I know recently theres been some strict rules on wearing "disguising" clothing.)
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