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  1. I'm 18, and my sister is 15. We're both coming. :)
  2. The F1 hotel (were we stay too) or at the "neighbours"? Up to Canning Town you can stay in the Tube, and then you continue by bus/taxi or what you choose to. Yep, that's the one. Thanks for the info. :)
  3. I'll be staying at a cheap hotel at this address: Highbridge Road Barking IG11 7BA London Barking. I've checked google maps and I'll be travelling by bus and then with DLR, I was wondering if anyone know if that section is affected or not. And also, how much will it cost me to travel from my hotel to Excel two times each day of the weekend?
  4. Thanks everyone! Just had a look at FP's website, looks like I'm going to be staying in there for a while.
  5. So, does Anthony Montgomery replace Alice or will there be another quest?
  6. Can anyone recommend any comic book stores in London? I am looking for Trek comics in particular, but that might be available for purchase at the event?
  7. If you want.. send me your e-mail address and I send it to you, in pdf-file. I am sitting at my work with my magic Mac Fixed my own. Could you send me one as well? :) venlinahr@gmail.com
  8. What I meant was that if it's possible for me to collect the in-person auto myself, not for my sister to collect it and then give it to me.
  9. Is it possible to trade included autos with others? Me and my sister have a 3 day standard ticket and if she gets an in-person auto that I want she'd be willing to give/trade it to me. Can she do that?
  10. Have you checked here: http://www.costumecraze.com/index-trek.html ? Great! I'm hoping to get as many photos of people in costume as possible. So excited for this event!
  11. You will most certainly not look like a fool! I'm planning on wearing my costume the entire event (given that the costume is comfortable, I've got hypersensitive skin). I think you will look awesome in that costume, and if I spot you at the event I'd love to get a photo of/with you.
  12. I'll go as a vulcan. Tried to get my hands on a blue TOS dress but found none in Sweden, the ones I found were from the USA (ridiculous shipping cost). So I got myself a red one instead. Also bought vulcan ears which fits very well, and I've figured out a way to make my eyebrows authentically pointy. All I need now is some black boots. I was originally planning on getting a VOY costume but since I've found them only in USA and in not so great quality for the price, I decided to go with a dress. If the dress is uncomfortable (I normally hate dresses) I'll just wear a Star Trek t-shirt and keep my pointy ears.
  13. Someone from Voyager would be awesome. I'd love to meet Tim Russ, Ethan Phillips, Jeri Ryan and Robert Picardo. *Praying *
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