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  1. phillycheesesteak

    Return to the Future at LFCC...

    This is fantastic, I love these Diamond passes - even though I've met these guys before I will definitely be purchasing a diamond pass for bttf! This is heavy! Well done Showmasters.......again!
  2. phillycheesesteak

    New tickets and new things in store for 2015 LFCC

    I think this all sounds fair and in line with other major US Conventions where they have individual VIP packages for specific guests. At the very least, no one will turn up on the day and be disappointed - you can plan in advance and purchase the best experiences you can afford or want. Definitely happy that this more familiar US system is being adopted for LFCC. Good Luck with securing top guests and looking forward to it! Roll on Summer 2015
  3. "For the people" We are not a communist or socialist country!
  4. Sorry but your solution will not create less demand at the autograph lines - epic fail I'm not talking about the autograph line, I'm talking about crowd control. The VQ system still works in my opinion. People who use phrases like 'Epic fail' and think it's clever make my blood boil, is this your idea of us fan sticking together is it? how is it any different to ....Jeez, its not rocket science! are you calling us/me and possibly showmasters stupid? where is the respect there?
  5. phillycheesesteak

    Guest announcement Dave Scott Apollo 15 moonwalker astronaut

    At those prices, Like Buzz he might be busy in the morning. But I recommend him bringing a crossword for the afternoons. I doubt he will be any less popular - again you seem to have a deep bitterness about price
  6. phillycheesesteak

    Patrick Stewart to attend

    Makes this event pretty darn good! Anytime you get Shatner & Stewart it's impressive to say the least
  7. Will Wheaton and Shatner do not get on at all so it makes his appearance doubtful
  8. phillycheesesteak

    Michael Madsen: too cool for school

    He indeed was a gent and one of the better convention guests out there
  9. phillycheesesteak


    Karin Dor Lois Chiles Michael Lonsdale
  10. phillycheesesteak

    Latest Guest Announcement - RALPH MACCHIO

    It's a great film - Elizabeth Shue is in it too, give it a watch and let us know what you thought of it :-)
  11. phillycheesesteak

    Guest announcement Skylab 2 and STS 3 Astronaut Jack Lousma

    Go to Manchester then
  12. phillycheesesteak

    Guest announcement Skylab 2 and STS 3 Astronaut Jack Lousma

    You need a different hobby I think, this all appears to be beyond your means. Everywhere I look on the forum you are complaining about price!