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  1. MLP makes a good point i didn't mention in previous, it said "ticket to THE party". I didn't ask to swap my ticket, i work in ticketing myself so as RobLeather says that would be logistically impossible to allow people to choose which one to go to. I think that gold should get access to the Saturday night party instead because clearly it is going to be the better of the 2 especially with less people attending the event on the Friday. So why did Gold get stuck with Friday? - Because people were complaining about 'why is platinum worth the extra £600' ----STLondon thought we give the plats both and give gold the friday (lesser) party to add extra value to the Plat package. ----Also they knew that if gold got saturday the attendance for Friday would be crap because no gold holders would buy it. When i puchased it there was no mention of two parties. I argued that giving non package holders a £10 discount for buying both devalues the gold package. They disagreed, fair enough but then in the same conversation said they couldn't give me the saturday for £15 because it would devalue the plat package...slightly hoisted by their own petard on that one. They've dug themselves into a tough spot really by from their Plat valuation and have been trying to balance it out ever since...never mind it's gonna be a cracking event anyway and if you don't ask, you don't get.
  2. Hi en3sge. Friday night should definitely be a good un. There's a party at the event until 'late' but we can definitely tear it up after that specially if we can get some tips from locals on here on where to go. LFCC was awesome. Worked the green room on sunday and got to chat to loads of people. Missed Jeri Ryan unfortunately but got to say hello to the beautiful Hayden.
  3. Name: Hicks, Hicksy or Tom (if you're feeling formal) Age: 31 Travelling From/With: Cardiff / Best pal (Pegg look-a-like) Ticket/Intended Purchase: Gold Favourite Trek: TNG and DS9 Favourite Trek Actor/Actress: Colm Meaney, Andrew Robinson, Brent Spiner, Marc Alaimo Most Wanted Guest: Colm Meaney Favourite Other Movies/TV Shows: Family Guy, Firefly, BBT. Music: Foo Fighter, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden...you get the idea Staying at the Excel Travel Lodge from Thursday to Monday if anyone fancie meeting up for a few in the evening. Any local knowledge of decent bars would be handy.
  4. Sounds like the Travel Lodge is gonna be the restbite for those seeking Nerdvana. Me and my Simon Pegg look-a-like mate are getting there Thursday night to make the most of it. Let's get something planned for the weekend. Please feel free to post if you are staying at the TravelLodge and would like to meet up/know of the best after party hang-outs. Include as much or as little detail about youself as you feel necessary i certainly wouldn't mind having a few more Twitter budz. As i said we are getting there on the Thursday so if anyone needs anything that we can help with as we are there early then let us know. Let the carnage commence!!
  5. Slightly annoyed now, someone finally got back to me regarding this and apparatly Gold pass holders do not get a £10 discount. My reasoning in the previous post was clearly not valid as they said why would i need a discount being as i already have one ticket meaning the second ticket will cost me £25 pound instead of £40, never mind the fact that the £25 for the Friday night makes up part of the £300 i paid....lol. They then said they would not provide a discount as they didn't want to devalue other packages. I'm assuming they are referring to the packages that include both parties which they have already devalued by providing non-pass holders with a £10 discount. Ironically the passes they are not devaluing by doing this are the ones that don't include the Saturday party, which i'd be happy for them to do if it means i get a tenner off. Clearly £300 is not enough to spend to get some sort of loyalty return, let alone the cost of additional autos/photos and the pics which aren't even included...and all this money pales in comparison next to the amount of money i plan to spend at the bar
  6. I was wondering if an admin had an answer to my question of whether i am entitled to a discount off the second party. I've technically paid £25 already with my Gold pass and being as purchasing both parties is £10 cheaper do i therefore get the opportunity to purchase the Saturday party for £15? Regards, Tom.
  7. Well up for that. Getting there on Thursday night and staying in the Travel Lodge near Excel. find me on Twitter HicksyNCC1701
  8. I've got a gold membership and am a fairly easy going guy but i've gotta say i feel proper stitched up by this whole 'ticket to the party' thing. 'THE' would suggest it is the main party and surely the 25 year celebration party is gonna be a bigger event that Martok and some mixers. It's also bound to be busier as there will be more people on the Saturday. You could at least offer Gold passes a discount off the other party. Make it £15 as the £25 for the Friday is already covered in our ticket price. Tom.
  9. Colm Meaney PLeeeeasssseeee Andrew Robinson - Met him years ago and his is suchhhh a nice dude ....anything else is a bonus!! "There..are..four....lights"
  10. I'm happy with my gold too but if i had the spare cash the opportunity to possibly have breaky with Garak would be impossible to give up. "There..are..four....lights"
  11. I've got a gold ticket....if i happen to win the lottery or a long lost uncle pops his cloggs in the next month, can i upgrade to the VIP. Thanks, Tom "There..are..four....lights"
  12. I purchased a gold package but haven't been given a seat number yet (early days i know). Just wondering will we be allocated seat/row number based on when we bought the ticket. It would be a bit unfair if someone who buys 2 weeks after me gets a seat closer to the front. I know on similar sites for similar events there is a floor map to choose from. Tom. "There..Are..Four....Lights"
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