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  1. London prices vary between bars and event venues. You'd probably pay the same (or even more) for a drink at the O2 or other venues.
  2. Scott was more than happy to sign a Quantum Leap photo for me (and instructed me to meet Dean Stockwell so I could his signature on it too!)
  3. The Watchdog show aired 3 days after the close of the event. Realistically the earliest someone could have responded to a complaint would be 9am Monday morning. With time taken to make an editorial decision, prepare a segment and contact the companies for a reply, the complaints to Watchdog must have gone in Tuesday afternoon at the latest (and probably earlier). So all these "hundreds" of dissatisfied fans were each expecting a personal email response acknowlding and addressing every one of their concerns in less than 36 hours after the complaint was recieved. Hardly reaching a point where people had no choice but to go to Watchdog in my opinion.
  4. The guy in front of me in the queue for Bobby Clarke had him sign page 3 of The Sun. Clarke was bemused but enjoyed the picture!
  5. I think everyone who enjoyed DSTL should Tweet watchdog and say so to make sure it is balanced.
  6. I met a lovely couple on Sunday on the tube and travelled to the Excel with them and then saw them in the Klingon zone later in the day and had a chat over a drink. Guys name was Ryan, but I'm so sorry I can't remember the girls. If you see this feel free to get in touch with me!
  7. As for b, do you mean they weren't letting in the people who did have tickets, or those who did not? Because if the latter, I would agree with that. People spent a lot of time queueing to get those tickets, and some of us had clashing photoshoots and wanted to join the talk after it had started if we needed to. If the hall had been filled with unticketed people at that point, that would have been a big letdown. There is no denying that, but do you understand its not a PAID talk, its a free talk. Its not fair to the guests to see the hall half empty and lots of people crowding around outside. if you have a clash, and cannot make it there for the start, in my opinion, you should not have taken a ticket/or should lose the seat WHEN it starts. I appreciate that you should have a choice, but you decided to pay for the photo you were never going to miss that. Someone cant take ur photo spot essentially, the line just moves forward, but the talk had an empty seat which could've been used . On the Sunday for the talks I went to if the seats were still empty 5/10 minutes into the talk the staff were letting the people outside in in small batches.
  8. I think they said before the event it would be too difficult to get the Captains there for the breakfasts as they were staying in larger hotels away from the venue (or in the case of Sir Patrick, at home).
  9. Amazing weekend, and like others had said it was one of the best things I've ever experienced. Okay, it had some teething issues (as expected with an event this size, but less than I was expecting if I'm honest) but you could tell you were thinking on your feet and trying to make things better as you went along (sometimes with mixed results, but we learn from experience). Well done and please do it again (but let me save up a bit first, my wallet hurts right now!)
  10. Here are some of mine (hope this link actually works!)
  11. Travelling to the event on Sunday morning I got chatting to a young couple on the tube who were also heading there (with one day tickets). I was fortunate enough to bump into them again at about 4pm and had a chat and a drink and they were telling me about the wonderful day they'd had, so I don't think it's just us package ticket holders who had a good time!
  12. Thanks to everyone involved in making this an amazing experience! I had a gold pass and found the priority queueing to be very handy. Sure there were some problems with queues and communication due to number of people there - perhaps next time some digital signs displaying upto date info (such as ticket status, VQ times, programme changes other announcements) and a slightly bigger hall so things won't get so congested. But there was a conscious effort through the weekend to try and put better systems in place, with mixed results. Plus a few more displays/booths/group talks wouldn't go amiss (And CBS relaxing the rules on licensed merchandise and perhaps selling some other related merchandise would also be nice). If you do this again, I'll be there!
  13. I'm also journeying from Swansea! Feel free to say hello if you see me!
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