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  1. Is this going to be uploaded to the app as am unable to find Cardiff comic con on the app and thought the app was going to be used for all future conventions
  2. I appreciate what you are saying with the ticket type and as stated I wouldnt expect her to sit nearer the front I would sit further back as I initially stated I would forego my option to sit closer to the front. All I was expecting was that maybe withing each ticket type the same options for group talks would be available so effectively within commander the batches for talks were 6-12 then batches 6-12wete also available within the lieutenant package. I would have thought this would havelessed the workload and number of different options needed on the system. What I mentioned about the fact missing is that it states '' if you wish to get the same group talks to select the same group nothing but doesn't mention that this is different for each category of ticket type and so not possible. At previous DSTs, (I've attended all previous one so was expecting similar this yr) it was irrelevant of the ticket type you just selected the same talk batch. From the responses (not had a reply directly to my email on this query) there is no way without purchasing the same ticket type to ensure that we are able to attend the same talks unless I am able to purchase them at a later date.
  3. Was hoping there would be some way of having the same group of talk tickets irrelevant of the ticket type you have.
  4. Yea with the ticket type I mean, I can see why they need to vary it per ticket type not like they going to have that many different talks running all together. And they haven't made it clear in the FAQ
  5. Hi Its says on the FAQ that you can book sane talk groups if you select the same talk package from the list when purchasing your tickets. Which sounds great. I've purchased a commander package for myself and selected a group talk package (option 6) yet when I go to book the lieutenant package for my partner who is going this group talk option is not there. How can I there ensure we both in the same talks, this is her first time going to a star trek con and so want to make sure she's OK and as she is very shy and nervous so thought booking sane talk tickets would make it easier for us. Commander options are 6-11and lieutenant are 12-17so none are the same. So how conme your FAQ doesn't state this and how can I when I book the lieutenant package ensure she has the same group talk package as myself. I appreciate being commander we wouldn't sit by each other but am willing to forgo that option but wanted the cm Dr package for the other benefits my partner nit so much so not worth the cost of the cndr package for her. Any assistance would be great or who to contact to make this happen and fixed Thanks
  6. Hoping we'll get Dirk benedict announced so we can get a Starbucks and Starbuck photoshoot
  7. Hi can anyone confirm the dates for LFCC 2018 as ive seen on the site a little sign showing as LFCC 2018 from Fri 27 - Sun 29 July, But it doesn't link to anything so wondering if this has been confirmed or not. thanks
  8. Hi can anyone confirm the dates for LFCC 2018 as ive seen on the site a little sign showing as LFCC 2018 from Fri 27 - Sun 29 July, But it doesn't link to anything so wondering if this has been confirmed or not. thanks
  9. Hi, Can i just get some clarification as finding the ticket groupings is a bit confusing,. Previously when i attended the other DST the grouping information was asked for closer to the event and sent via email. it says this is now required at time of booking and cant be changed. If though this information wont be announced closer to the event possibly 2 months before isn't it likely that the packages will have sold out so have to base your decision on a guess and could end up with something you dont want. Can they at least be released sooner or have it emailed and have to be in by xxxx date after the announcement of the groupings so that at least people can ensure they get the package they want before it is sold out as it is the 50 anniversary and also that they get the talks, autos they want. At the moment this is my stumbling block for booking a package as want to know what im getting and not play russian roulette with the talks etc and then have to buy more as not got what i wanted
  10. Sorry for what is probably a dumb question and i probably know the answer but just need to confirm it. I have a photoshoot with Jaqueline Kim on Sat at 2.55 (i have a gold pass) but it clashes with the Michael J Fox talk at 3pm and have a diamond pass for this. If i go to the photoshoot will i be guaranteed a seat in the talk and will i miss anything or can i change the photoshoot over to Sunday at 2pm. As i found last year even though i had a comic gold i was rushed through a photoshoot due to similar circumstances but when i got to the Stan lee talk was told there was no seats left and had to stand at the side with a restricted view (not what my comic gold pass was for - as should have had front few row seats) i was told prior to the talk and shoot and was all they could do and couldnt guarantee me having a seat reserved. So would prefer not to not have a seat or a restricted view seat for the talk and dont want to miss anything. So would prefer to do the shoot on another day instead. thanks
  11. Sorry to be cheeky but any idea of previews of what the hogwarts and Shield Prop shoots will be likely or what background it will be
  12. mainly 10x8 for me, but also some special ones want claudia to sign the clock tower poster saying I love you and the telephone number Majyor golie wilson poster signed and the black and white sepia with me and doc (need to see if he will do personalisations )
  13. HI Sorry for asking again but the sepia photoshoot with Christopher lloyd and the clock tower will this be in costume or just general, as would be brilliant if he would be willing to wear the cowboy dust jack et and cowboy hat in the pic lik ein the film.
  14. thanks QS. When will the Diamond passess start being posted out
  15. Further to the query on batch orders getting their pics if i have a gold pass but my batch ticket is batch 4 can i go at anytime between batch 1-4 of just at the front of the batch 4 queue, Also will it be listed on the schedule a rough idea which batch is being processed eg f First photoshoot of xxxxx is batches 1 & 2 Second photoshoot of xxxx is baches 3 & 4
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