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  1. Awesome! Ticket booked :)
  2. Fabulous guest! Looking forward to meeting Faye
  3. tabbath

    LFCC 2016 Floorplans

    Here's hoping it's as we were told & most of the dealers are on the ground floor! Don't fancy the endless trips in the lifts like last year
  4. As i've said before you can't have it that you need to have an entry ticket to book photoshoots or talks as how would that affect the crew & dealers who may also want too take part in these activities. You would have too implement a code or something for them too input or they would be buying tickets that will not be used.
  5. tabbath

    LFCC Saturday Entry is Now Sold Out

    They'd have too. The crew & the dealers in the hall account for a percentage of the photoshoot tickets sold
  6. tabbath

    LFCC Saturday Entry is Now Sold Out

    I really hope they never bring in where you hafta buy an entry ticket before you can buy a photoshoot ticket as that'd mean i & other people working at the event would be spending extra money for something that we will never use & it would take those tickets away from people that need those to attend the event. I understand people having to wait too book entry tickets esp if you're travelling in a group .... the problem with the size of these events now you've gotta plan way ahead to be able too afford everything & guarantee entry tickets
  7. Think i've booked nearly all my tickets for this event on my ipad & its always come up with the validation.
  8. I'm sat at work checking the page all the time! Kinda distracting but i don't wanna miss out
  9. Great guest. Such a lovely lady, good to see her back doing more events
  10. As an attendee & a dealer I'd quite like to know what perks we get? I paid a ridiculous amount of money to be stood in a freezing cold damp corridor for the weekend! I agree the autograph dealers should be made to wait until the end of the event to get their items done, I missed out on a few guests at the wkend as I didn't wanna wait for 20mins behind a dealer with a large amount of items nor did I have the time! This is upto Showmasters to charge the way that system works
  11. tabbath

    Post-CMK blues

    There's currently no date for next years Collectormania! No doubt there will be announcement when it's been confirmed
  12. tabbath

    misty but heavy rain in mk

    Even the stalls on the concourse we're damp & had damaged stock because of the weather. All the dealers suffered this weekend because of the conditions
  13. tabbath


    The guests & some stalls are around the concourse, the rest of the stalls are in the marquee attached to the stadium!