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  1. I'm Just watching original predator some of these guys barring sonny landham and Arnie would be great guests, had the pleasure of meeting Carl weathers at one of your events few years ago such a nice fella having a bit of fun with my son who was around ten at the time ,really looking forward to June I hope there's more guests to be announced
  2. Would love to see somekind of American werewolf in London reunion david naughton,John woodvine,David Schofield,Jenny agutter,Griffin dunne,Michael carter,John landis etc.plus some of the stuntmen Vic Armstrong,dickie beer. As for Sports section some Man city legends,and Carl foggerty would be great .already looking forward to june
  3. It was a thrill to finally meet Susan backline last year got a ton of jaws stuff signed so please please please go for Richard Dreyfuss hes all over the convention circuit in the states maybe he will be ready to come to England ,and Jeffrey Kramer would be nice too I am lead to believe his son lives in England so may welcome the visit.an American werewolf guests would be great as would Peter Weller.
  4. chiefbrody

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER FAIRBANK

    Met Christopher today got my auf weidersehen pet photo signed ,had a good chat with him he was more than happy to talk about his time on the show ,great guy
  5. chiefbrody

    Latest Guest Announcement - SUSAN BACKLINIE

    Met Susan today and she didn't disappoint ,I'm so chuffed to meet her got some photos,poster and dvd signed and had a photoshoot with her what a lovely lady.
  6. chiefbrody

    Latest Guest Announcement - SUSAN BACKLINIE

    Wow you have made me one very happy man ,I am finally going to meet one of the cast from my favourite film of all time ,I've just jumped off couch as though England had won world cup my wife just sat there shaking her head ,she just doesn't get it ,thank you collector mania ,keep them coming
  7. chiefbrody

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love to see Tim Healy,Timothy spall,Kevin Whatley,Jimmy nail to go with Christopher Fairbank for a auf wiedersehen pet reunion
  8. chiefbrody

    Guest Suggestions

    That's a shame met him a good few years ago when my son was little ,London bit of a trek for me
  9. chiefbrody

    Guest Suggestions

    Please try and bring Peter Mayhew to Birmingham as well as london ,Peter Weller would be good too
  10. chiefbrody

    Guest Suggestions

    Jaws - Richard Dreyfuss,Lorraine Gary,Christine backlinie,Jeffrey Kramer. An American werewolf in London - David naughton,Jenny agutter,John woodvine,Griffin dunne, .star wars - Peter Mayhew,Frank Oz,Ian mcdairmid
  11. chiefbrody

    Guest Suggestion thread

    John woodvine ,Susan backlinie ,Peter Mayhew, David naughton, Jenny agutter, Jeffrey Kramer, David scholfield,Peter Weller, Ian Botham, Colin bell ,Bryan robson
  12. chiefbrody

    Latest Guest Announcement - KEN COLLEY

    Great news looking forward to meeting him
  13. Meeting Carl weathers few years ago at Milton Keynes with my son takes some beating for me ,really nice guy