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  1. Guest Suggestions

    That's a shame met him a good few years ago when my son was little ,London bit of a trek for me
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Please try and bring Peter Mayhew to Birmingham as well as london ,Peter Weller would be good too
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Jaws - Richard Dreyfuss,Lorraine Gary,Christine backlinie,Jeffrey Kramer. An American werewolf in London - David naughton,Jenny agutter,John woodvine,Griffin dunne, .star wars - Peter Mayhew,Frank Oz,Ian mcdairmid
  4. Guest Suggestion thread

    John woodvine ,Susan backlinie ,Peter Mayhew, David naughton, Jenny agutter, Jeffrey Kramer, David scholfield,Peter Weller, Ian Botham, Colin bell ,Bryan robson
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - KEN COLLEY

    Great news looking forward to meeting him
  6. Meeting Carl weathers few years ago at Milton Keynes with my son takes some beating for me ,really nice guy
  7. Guest Suggestion thread

    An American werewolf in London cast members would be cool,david naughton ,jenny agutter ,Griffin dunne,david Schofield,john woodvine,michael carter, .Jaws actors Richard Dreyfuss,susan backlinie,jeffrey Kramer etc. robocop star Peter Weller and would be great to get Christopher Lloyd to birmingham too for those of us who can't get to London .(I would love to get my Jim ignatowski "taxi"photo signed)
  8. Feedback

    someone in an earlier comment on feedback as said they were a little unhappy about photos being taken with some guests when signs clearly said no posed photos but as with carl weathers as i had camera in my hand i was told by a member of staff no posed photos but i was allowed to take photos of him signing.also got there sunday and was expecting a good choice of rocky photos but there was only one so my son had to make do with that he really wanted one of him wearing his gloves and red and white shorts ,i asked weres all the rocky photos and was told they all got sold on the saturday so maybe they should have made more copies it was only later whilst looking at stall were they sell 10x8s that we came across some cracking apollo creed photos. also just like to say on my behalf arrived just after 10 and had no problems whatsoever with parking thought lads controlling the parking did a fine job.ive been to another event were you are totally ripped off over parking so was made up to be parked right near main entrance for free
  9. Feedback

    travelled two hours forty minutes to get there today and got to say well worth it.as a thirty eight year old who grew up watching the rocky movies and now my eleven year old son does never in my wildest dreams did i think id meet carl weathers ,he signed both rocky and predator(one of the best sci fi films ever) pics for me and a rocky pic and glove for my son seemed like a nice guy my only gripe is i spent sixty pounds and couldnt get a posed photo i thought that was rather harsh but still got one with him signing the glove with my son in view.also once again met dave prowse and kenny baker and got some more stuff signed and as usual both were true gents i never get tired of meeting the original star wars guests.when we got home my son showed his grandad the signed glove and his eyes nearly popped out when he told him it was APOLLO CREED