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  1. i was a little bit annoyed at the fact that i was named in the artical but have to admit found it rather amusing as i remember this "person" talking to me on sunday. he spent alot of time trying to get information out of me and, really, that was the best he could do. a ridiculously bad miss quote.....you have to laugh...x katiexx
  2. sent it back but my email's playing up again so i hope you got it... katiexx
  3. hi claire i had a great weekend too, i'm glad you enjoyed yourself it was great working with you, unfortunatly now we have you theres no going back see you at the next event..... katiexx
  4. hi guys i have to say a huge thanks to all the crew who worked with me over the weekend, saturday on the front door and sunday in photo shoot A. you guys were amazing and i couldn't have done it without all your wonderful help and support. hopefully i'll be seeing you all at the next one thanks again katiexxx
  5. happy birthday hope you've had a wonderful day...
  6. thanks Mara i had a great weekend katiexx
  7. thank you, thank you, thank you best guest ever (you'd never guess i was a firefly fan) i cant wait, thanks jason and co katiexxx
  8. i think she was the one dragging you wasn't she, she seemed to really enjoy herself..
  9. i'm sorry to hear that Krystal Skull had some problems at the event. as far as i'm aware we did inform everyone who was wearing an autographica badge or wristband that after 1 they could get in free, obviously this i cannot guarantee as i was not the only one on the desk but i'm pretty sure we did. as there were two events running together there were a few people who came back to us with queries, mostly those who paid to get into the wrong event and again as far as i'm aware everyones problems were sorted out. we try our best to give out all the information available to us but unfortunatly we are unaware when the guests go for their lunch or breaks. but please, in the future come back and talk to us as we're there to help with any problems that you have and if we don't have the answer we generally know a person who does.
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