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  1. Great series, I think if you are a new viewer you might not find it funny compared to people who watched it when it started.
  2. I miss collector mania, always a favourite of mine. Hopefully they will bring it back sometime. For me the venue was great when it wasn't windy or raining.lol
  3. Great service for people who can't go. I will keep an eye open for an indication if this is going a head
  4. Great guest, seems to appear in a few high profile franchises.
  5. I would like to think showmasters looks at posts like this an gauges what people are interested in. Of course stars availability is the main blockade and then getting them over here .lol
  6. Anyone from person of interest, scorpion, blacklist, bones, heroes to name a few.
  7. Sad news, I was lucky to meet him. Wish I could meet him one more time.
  8. Great guest, considering coming just for the day for him :)
  9. I wish he would appear at Collectormania more often. I went to London con last year and didnt enjoy it. Oh well I have to wait.
  10. Ill have to see what all the hype is with Agents of shield :) If I like it then these guy is getting my money lol
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