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  1. I would love to get Gene Hackman's autograph more than anything! Do it on the back of a film promotion, don't think that need be impossible. 1 Hour of his time in a hotel. £400 a shot. Even if he just signed 150 items that's 50K I can't see many (if any) paying £400 for Harrison Ford's autograph! He's popular, but not that popular. I certainly wouldn't go any higher than £150 and that would have to include meeting him, too.
  2. Great idea: how about this... Roger Moore Sean Connery Timothy Dalton George Lazenby Daniel Craig Pierce Brosnan. That would make a fantastic Bond reunion!
  3. It would be awesome but I would end up poor paying to meet most of them, e.g. Quentin Tarantino, Rob Zombie, Robert Rodriguez, Tim Burton. You need to remember as well that if too many big guests attend the event, people will need to spend money to meet all of them, where they would mostly end up short in money. Besides, I already met Tobe Hooper last year, so I wouldn't need to meet him again but he was a great guy. Steven Speilberg!, no chance in hell he would attend a convention lol! LOL, very true. However in Aamerica it may be possible to meet him. George Lucas does signings over there so anything is possible. Yes, I want to meet him. Of course. She isn't mentioned as much as she should be but I'd love to meet her. She's been in so many classics from the Superman movies to Sisters, and The Amityville Horror.
  4. These are people that I have met at various conventions as well as Showmasters events. John Landis Gary Kurtz Robert Watts Linda Hamilton Christopher Lloyd Jan Harlan David Prowse Norman Reynolds Jeffrey Weissman Lea Thompson Anastacia Susan Backlinie Noah Hathaway Phil Daniels Gail Porter Todd Carty Barry Bostwick Carole Decker Michael Jayston Chris Eubank Nerina Pallot Beverley Knight Corey Feldman Rhianna
  5. Personally when I met him I thought he was wonderful. He took the time to speak to meet and was very pleasant. I couldn't ask for anything more.
  6. Any of the AWIL cast would be great. I met John Landis so would like to meet the others too.
  7. Yes, any of the ladies you mentioned would be great please.
  8. I remember her from Octopussy. She is sooooo hot. Can't wait to meet her.
  9. I would love to meet him. He made some of my favourite James Bond films, so I will be coming along for sure.
  10. My top 10 favourite films are (in no specific order) Raiders Of The Lost Ark Jaws Star Wars The Neverending Story E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Home Alone Ferris Bueller's Day Off The Dark Knight Poltergeist Final Destination Nightmare On Elm Street 3 was as good as, if not better than the first. Hey, nice to see The Craft on your list!
  11. Jaws - And now I will actually get to meet him this year!!!
  12. The most recent was 'The Slumber Party Massacre', and 'Tales From The Darkside The Movie' last night!
  13. I would like to meet........ Robert Forster Geena Davis Drew Struzan Larry Hagman Robin Tunney Jamie Lee Curtis Judge Reinhold Phoebe Cates John Carpenter PJ Soles Diane Franklin Jennifer Jason Leigh
  14. It would be great to have some Halloween and Friday the 13th guests this year.
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