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  1. we haven't been to a Chevron, but we have attended Massive Events weekend cons so: These types of events are generally much, much smaller & far more personable than your avarage LFCC or signing event. There are usually some traders there, but not to the extent of a signing event. The fact that the events are smaller, often means VQ tickets aren't necessary. There will be a sort of queuing system which will be based on ticket type and/or number but you'll have plenty of time with guests, depending on the number of attendees. Events are probably planned throughout the weekend, and if not we recommend the nearest bar RE Drinks reception. it depends on the number of Gold attendees, really. It's the Friday night where a set of tables are set up with some small snacks and candy, you will be served wine or soda (or water) and devided into small groups of 10-15 people. The attending guests will spend X amount of time at each table in a sort of clock-wise system where after the X time, they'll move over to the next table. It's usually a very casual type thing, don't be affraid to talk hope this helps!
  2. As per usual, someone has to be first Guest suggestions for Brighton '16----GO!
  3. Oh, we'd be up for this :) #GoSteelers btw lol
  4. our friend hasn't received hers either & is getting miffed about it... to say the least (rightfully so, BTW)
  5. we spot nicki clyne's lemons on the table too! hahha super
  6. we think you were in an elevator with us at one point and kept the door open with your lightsaber thanks for that, very gentlemanly!
  7. £2/item; right behind the inside-entrance to the actual con (so not at the hotel entrance!)
  8. Any particular preference on country cuisine? options of Veggie & healthy-ish :) just made reservations at Food For Friends :)
  9. sorry,we have dinner plans saturday evening and this would majorly screw up our outfit plans (cake face not incl) Is this first-come-first-serve?
  10. Because we're very excited for Brighton CC, we were wondering who will be joining us there! Otherwise it'll be us and the guests and - selfishly speaking - that would mean A LOT of time between us Who else is filling up the Hilton with us!
  11. Asking for friends not on the forum: Her question --> Can anyone please get an official confirmation on these refunds? You haven't emailed the customers with any updates regarding the refunds, no one knows anything. Not everyone visits the forum or has a social media account. (no updates there either) --- Literally no one we know has received their refund yet - with the original event actually approaching thisweekend (and 2 months after cancellation) people are getting a bit miffed; to say the least...
  12. yes, we know. But she's had a long break since then & just started doing them again over hte summer.
  13. We'd always be down for more Battlestar Guests, Katee Sackhoff, Callum Keith Rennie, Grace Park just started doing conventions this year (heroes for hire is her agent..just randomly mentioning that haha). Also cast from: Dead Like Me, Defying Gravity, The Librarians (tv show) and - while it's never gonna happen, we thought we'd throw in a big name Jessica Chastain <-- would definitely mean weekend made
  14. okidoki, if it serves best you can delete the topic to prevent cluttering :) thanks for the confirmation & quick response :)
  15. the local tourist board will not provide personal experience, which is why we're asking :) - we have (of course) googled restaurants but would like to know people's preferences
  16. Hey Local Brightonneers?/Brightons?/Brightonians?/Brights?/Brightillians We're looking at making reservations at a decent establishment in Brighton that also offers some vegetarian options (one of our guests is Vegetarian) - any recommenations for restaurants close to the venue (w/o the uber-extortionate prices those "touristy" places offer...) thanks!
  17. So, the validation charge is something we don't have to worry about anymore, right? We paid the £1 charge per ticket and that was to replace the earlier validation check thingie? Can't wait for Brighton CC :)
  18. Just now at AirBNB (which we think is one of the best first-world inventions ever...but that's just us) we were able to book an ensuite room (separate from the main house) with all normal hotel facilities at about 1 mile from the venue for 68£ (combined price for both of us; all incl!) The most convenient part (other than the price & fact that it's close to the venue) is that we have access to an own kitchen so we don't have to eat out every time (money saver, CHECK!)
  19. We weren't looking for justification, but like we said - the signature is the same either on an 8x10, 11x16 or 1000x5651 (just putting some random numbers), so we're not understanding where/why the difference comes from is all "nobody is forcing you to buy it"... true, but that doesn't mean we can't ask a question about it.. Buyer's market also means you can/should make an informed decision, not that you should get slammed for daring to ask a question ...
  20. Just out of collectors' interest...if the base price is 385, and you take your own photo/baseball/... why exactly does the price go up? We're just wondering to the reasoning behind it, not a bash or anything but it seems rather strange to us... like, for instance: it says "large poster 450" - why would a large poster you bring yourself be more than a 8x10?
  21. emails so far RE: HW status (to pretty much every email we could find) have yielded no results
  22. If we're not mistaken he was announced for last year's (either winter or summer?, but we believe winter) edition but had to cancel at that time...so we'd say it's possible
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