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  1. Is anybody able to confirm that the guests scheduled for the 29th June have confirmed their attendance?
  2. That would be awesome. Would love to meet JMS. Stephen Furst and Peter Jurasik were at LFCC in 2011. Peter Jurasik took the time to write, “The Centauri Republic thanks you for your kind support and loyalty! Londo Molari”.
  3. Usually free for the comic writers & artists. The artists usually charge for sketches (cost depends on the size & detail). There may be a limit depending on how busy/popular they are. I've had no problems with them signing 5 or 6 comics but if you turn up with 20 you might get some funny looks.
  4. Hello Are there any guests schedule for the mart on the 2nd June? Cheers
  5. Does anybody know which day/s Si Spurrier will be attending?
  6. Any news on any guests for 2013? Cheers
  7. Good guest - Cheers Great art in Lot 13
  8. I attended on Friday and Saturday. Friday was fine not many people no real queues I was able to get the couple of autographs, Mitch Pileggi and Nic Lea, with little fuss and both seemed very pleasant and were willing to have a quick chat. Also had time (and space) to have a look around the sellers with little hassle. My only gripe was that it would have been nice to be able to purchase tickets beforehand rather than queue up to 6pm with general admission. I hadn’t planned to go to the preview but I’m glad I did as Saturday was a bit of a nightmare. I had a standard ticket for the 11am entr
  9. Good to meet Al Ewing. Had time to have a chat. Cheers
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