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    Unfortunately raising the stage height wouldn't have helped me. I was in the fifth row but right at the end of the row to the right if the stage. During the quiz and the panel with all the guests I couldn't see the guest at the end on the right hand side - Simone Bailly I think - because of the banner hanging there. It would be help if during set up some could sit in some of the wider placed seats to see if there are any line of sight problems. That said I had a great weekend and have booked my ticket for next year.
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    Thank you!

    I was unable to attend this year's event due to serious health issue and it sounds like I missed a really great weekend. I'd like to thank Massive Events who, after hearing I was unable to go and why, made sure I received all I would've got as a gold pass holder except photo shoots obviously. The package arrived and cheered me up no end. Thanks again ME and I'm now in the process of booking my gold pass for Chevron 8.1 in 2014.
  3. Eric Brekker (Colonel Reynolds -SG1) is always a good guest but hasn't attended a Chevron event. Alex Zahara and Dan Payne together. Brent Stait (Lou Ferretti - SG1) Michael Shanks just because. RDA
  4. I have attended other events with more guests and although I've enjoyed them I like our smaller events where we get to see all the guests on both days. More guest = less stage time in my opinion.
  5. Yeah, I met him a few years back as well, probably the same con.
  6. I know there are a lot of actors who have appeared in both Stargate and Sanctuary but I don't watch Sanctuary and am interested in the Stargate side of things. Personally, and it is just my opinion, I wouldn't want the Chevron cons to turn into Stargate/Sanctuary cons. I will however listen to Robin Dunne on stage and be entertained I'm sure but I go primarily go for Stargate and will stay for Stargate.
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