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  1. Personally I'm not fussed about the gifts. If it means being able to bring the cost down even just a little then do it. I think most are going diamond simply to guarantee a photo and auto. The gift is a nice to have but not a need to have.
  2. Great to have the pre opening wait upstairs / great to have early entry / this year I personally felt all crew we interacted with we're genuinely helpful and happy to show a little flexibility on queue joining when queues were short but weren't quite up to your number - common sense - no point not having enough people in a queue (I'm talking about the need for VT for diamonds). I'd say best July run show we have attended (and we've done most of them in the last 15 years). Slight annoyance was the late running Hayden VTs but that's all negativity speaking.
  3. I would imagine you would have said this but can I check for the photos with actors on bridge set I assume they won't be in costume? Want to decide what to wear myself!
  4. Initially thought Chris E was the 8th doctor so thought I had nailed it or can we discount the movie 😉
  5. If its not Bill then perhaps the 'who' reference is as in 'who do you think you are / Spice Girls' so back to Eddie Murphy.
  6. Sigourney last year and the movie is coming soon. We can live in hope lingham
  7. It cant be can it? I will literally sell everything to get there
  8. Who you gonna call? / 8o'clock! No way could it really be Bill!!!!
  9. 100% great guest and yes please a joint photo shoot option with Judge PLEASE!
  10. Perhaps very naïve of me but I was saddened and shocked that reading the Facebook forum this morning that someone had wanted to find out what hotel the guests would be staying at.. appreciate slightly off topic but I hope this is not news to SM and that adequate security is in place to ensure that the guests have a great time and are not bothered unnecessarily outside of the event.
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