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  1. At the hotel and waiting for my room. I can confirm its nice and sunny :-)
  2. YAY, someone posted almost exactly what I was thinking My packing is about half done (new TARDIS dress is ready) and my train is at 12:23pm so I should be ok altho I do have to pop in to work for an hour (and the hairdressers) in the morning It's also my 1st weekend event and I'm a little nervous as I'm going on my own. So I'll say *hi* for now and see you soon
  3. Glad it's all still there. Can't wait now. See you all tomorrow.
  4. Yay got my letter as well, only a week to go. Excitment is building :-) Better get a move on with making my TARDIS dress, lol.
  5. I just want to say Thank you to Jason and Mark for keeping us informed and up to date with everything regarding the event. Can't wait to meet you all next week
  6. Thanks Yvie, getting excited now
  7. I have to say WOW to this. I liked the Mr Finch character that he played in School Reunion and I loved him in as Giles in Buffy. I also love Merlin and enjoyed his portrayal of Uther Pendragon. Looking forward to meeting Andrew as well because they're both new to me. Getting more excited as time goes by, can't wait now.
  8. *Waves* Hi there. I'm going on my own as well and am also a little nervous as I've never done anything like this before. I'm staying for all 3 days as well
  9. Yay, party themes Looking forward to these as I've never been to a weekend convention before. The Friday is easy as 'dress to impress' for a girly like me just means I have to pick 1 of my ace dresses, lol. Will have to look into things for the other 2 as I'm staying til the Monday
  10. *Waves* I'm Tracy. I went to EMS last year, that was my 1st one and it was only a day thing. So I'm looking forward to this being the whole weekend. Love the pic Louise.
  11. I've only been to a cpl of conventions before and never cosplayed. But I thought I'd give it a go this time. Going to start out simple and just go as the TARDIS. I'm making my dress as we speak
  12. Thanks for that Jason. I can't wait Going to book my gold ticket later.
  13. Yay, thanks for the update showmasters. Going to buy my gold ticket today
  14. Yay a guest announcement. Not quite anyone I was thinking of but its a guest. Need to get my ticket sorted out, my hotel and train are already booked So gold or silver, what shall I do?
  15. I'm also a bit nervous about it being cancelled. I've already booked my train and hotel. Both on none refundable cheap rates. Waiting to see what other guests are going as to which ticket I book :-/ Hope we get some news soon.
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