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  1. I'd so come with you if they still had tickets. I got an email from mcr.co.uk offering me tickets but i had no one to go with/money. Now..I have people to go with and now no money or tickets..Oh well..Roll on November.
  2. Kari


    I dont know if people know but, if you watch the late night showing it's uncut. Like..the pilot in the tree - you actually see what happened to him. And..We've decided..that polar bear was the french woman whos been on the island 16 years . hehe. Annnnd we've discovered a new love - Ian Somerhalder (Boone) *drool* He makes eyebrows sexy
  3. In town yesterday..I saw.... NOEL FROM HEARSAY (I rock )
  4. Kari

    Summer Meet?

    And...I dunno if this point has been mention but Alton Towers ticket price has gone up again. I went earlier in the year and it was 30 quid.
  5. Kari


    I have the best idea. Grown it long, dye it black with just a bit of pink in it, slap on some eyeliner and you're my favourite kind of emo .
  6. Mines been shipped this morning. Yay . I ordered it on the 22nd of December..wow..:/
  7. My friend mentioned to me dont you think it's weird that it was Gryffindor who won? and it was down to Slytherin and Gryffindor...Could be a fix..Could be us being picky lol.
  8. It made me laugh when the kid said that there was only 29 words in the Chamber of Secrets. Lol. I fell off my chair at that.
  9. This show needs to be corrected really. It should be the biggest Harry Potter fan under 15 :/..But yea..Should be fun. Theres something on on Friday on ITV at 11.45.
  10. Me too! I need to talk to someone. They better fix it soooon..
  11. Ebay.co.uk do have some. But then again i think these are ones that are from the tour in january so they just have those dates, not the MK dates.
  12. Yet she is older, and wiser? and therefore..Can do anything
  13. Kari

    Green Day

    Yea. Well..There is like 4 supports acts and green day will do a good 2 hours. And they have setting up time and stuff as they said. You can get a wristband from the lil tent though :)
  14. Kari

    Green Day

    On the Green Day forums people are estimating anything from 10.30 - 11 - 11.30. But thats it. Doors open 2ish..And then starts at 4. That is my knowlege for the day .
  15. Now, now children. We need to revert the conversation back to Lee being an alcholic. :)
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