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  1. Some fantastic British boxing names announced, really pleased. Sill hoping Ill see the great Terry Downes added though...
  2. Agreed! Micky Ward would be great especially since they made the movie "The Fighter" about his life. Would be great if Shavers could be rebooked. It would be good to see some of the British World champs such as: Terry Downes would be very top of the list Lloyd honeyghan Carl Thonpson, defeated Eubank and Kod David Haye Michael Watson Ken Buchanan
  3. Great guest...any chance of getting hime down to Collectormania Milton Keynes? Hope you can add a few more Strong men and Olympians
  4. Dolph lundgren or Steven Segal. Mo Farah or Usain Bolt would be packed and a great draw if they'd do it...
  5. What would be the chances of Bolo Yeung? He definitely does signing conventions, and I've never heard of him in UK before. Also john Saxon and George Lazenby haven't been to a convention of yours for many years.....?? As a long shot Chuck Norris or Jean Claude Van Damme would be a nice change and huge I'm sure..
  6. My mistake, they are there, thank you for replying
  7. Hi Any up date as to when the photos will be up for download? Still no sign if them in the photo shelter? Thank you in advance
  8. Hi Just wanted to ask now the event is over if the professional photos will be available to purchase and download from the photoshelter? Any info would be appreciated
  9. Richard Kiel aka Jaws is over in the uk around this time, maybe possibility for a last minute guest? Always popular and fantastic to meet
  10. Great boxing line up so far, still missing that one old time British Boxing World Champ - "The Paddington Express" TERRY DOWNES. He is the oldest living British man to be a World Champion, and he defeated the great Sugar Ray Robinson twice. He would be a massive guest to finish of the boxing line up... How about it SM? He has to be worth a try.. Hopefully we can make the most of British Boxing History while we still have it.
  11. Nice!!! One of the greats ever pound for pound! Can't wait to meet him. Keep the boxers coming SM
  12. Yes!! Great guest...Holmes and Shavers together will be great!!
  13. Ricky Hatton is doing a lot of book signings at the moment, maybe you could get him to CM for a book signing rather than the gloves and photos? Just a thought
  14. Ricky Hatton is doing a lot of book signings at the moment, maybe you could get him to CM for a book signing rather than the gloves and photos? Just a thought
  15. Just wondered if the photo shoots will be going up on to the showmasters website for download?
  16. Agreed, maybe if SM could be awesome "Haglers" they could get him to the event...I heard he doesn't like doing signings though, then again neither did Holyfield and SM managed to pull it off. Here's hoping even if it's just for a photoshoot!
  17. Muhammad Ali's old foe George Chuvalo is in UK around the time of CM20 along with Earnie Shavers
  18. I hear Earnie Shavers is in UK during this time!!! He'd go great with Larry Holmes...
  19. Fantastic guest in Larry Holmes...good to have a first time signer at one of these events.
  20. Sorry, it's November that Rubin Hurricane Carter is in UK not September, maybe a possibilty for this show depending on the dates he's over..
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