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  1. Gutted The Hub's have become a way of life for a lot of us now and to say that they will be missed is an understatement. I have loved every single one and have met some of the best friends that I have ever had at them. I am still grateful that you got Gareth to go again especially as it's the last one and although I know that everyone will have an amazing weekend I predict tears and sadness too. Thanks to everyone at ME for all of your hard work. See you all in a little over 2 weeks!
  2. Ha am I right in thinkin that you are just very slightly excited hon?? Not that I blame you x x
  3. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for getting Gareth back. I am always a happy bunny when he's announced
  4. Janto76

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love to see Burn Gorman Tom Price John Barrowman (I know unlikely but hey you gotta ask right???) James Marsters Lachlan Nieboer And I'll have to keep thinking for more xx
  5. Janto76

    Hub 7 Schedule

    I'm going to guess "A Day in the Death"! Yeah 'A day in the death' or 'Out of time' I would think
  6. Gold 058 yey. This will be my 6th Hub (wish I had a TARDIS so I could go back in time and attend the first one )
  7. As much as I doubt that Gareth would do another Hub doesn't stop me wishing that he would! He makes every Hub memorable, love him!
  8. I feel the same, I was gutted the last time he was announced and didn't attend so I can't believe this yet, will be checking his personal website to see if it appears on there. Also does his appearance explain the raise in cost for the Gold ticket?
  9. Janto76

    New Trailer

    Nope ur def not the only one, Im hating the flashy American look, it's so not the Torchwood I love. I'll watch it If only for my love of JB but I know I'm gonna be gutted by it.
  10. (Torchwood (TV series) - in Fragments as Emily Holroyd Touchwood 1890s ) Erm shouldn't that say Torchwood!! Ha
  11. I can't believe this! How very sad. She will be missed greatly.
  12. Im liking the sound of the ballroom blitz theme, very cool! Yey thank you ME X
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