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  1. Great post, I was a bit teary when Gary Russell passed the message on from RTD, wasnt it something like 'Thank you for supporting Torchwood'? Just to have a direct message from RTD was amazing!
  2. It was ok, had a good time during the day but only went to one party and even then left after about an hour cos was on my own
  3. Thanks all, am more excited about it now, Im aiming to be at the Park Inn by 5:30 :) Im short with short brown hair and glasses, probs have my Simons Cat tote bag with me and planning to wear my Steps tshirt lol
  4. Really not looking forward to this Hub, I wish we could transfer tickets or get a refund. Im going on my own, dont really know anyone whos going. Dont fancy sitting like a loner at the parties or queuing on my own. The best bit about the hub was the other people, more than the guests. Dont want to go anymore
  5. Dont think Ive ever had my pass checked for the parties for the 5 out of 7 hubs Ive been to lol
  6. S007, was also surprised at how low I was, this is the lowest Ive ever been!
  7. London Midland are currently doing a 50% off sale if you book your train tickets through their website, I can get to Northampton this weekend for £9 return as opposed to £18 Only for London Midland trains though.
  8. I wish I could transfer my ticket to you, Ive bought a Silver ticket but probably wont be going....I could of sold it to you for half price or even GIVEN it to you if it meant it got used!
  9. I wish we could transfer tickets Ive bought a Silver and probably cant make it anymore, would love to help someone afford to go!
  10. Very sad.....been to most of the Hubs (just missed 5 and 7 due to not getting time off work) and loved them all, I do have a ticket for this one but not sure if Im going yet as I dont know ANYONE whos actually going!
  11. He was brilliant, look forward to meeting him again
  12. Sounds great! I love the Archives and Encylopedia
  13. Yep completely agree that was awful! No veggie option and people were fighting over slices!
  14. I didnt go to Hub 7 but the few before that, the Sun night was rubbish, out in hall way with no music!
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