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  1. Rick Deckard

    Hallowhedon 7 Cancellation

    Lack of a headliner guest and poor aadvertsing = poor sales. Simples.
  2. Rick Deckard

    Is this show getting TOO big?

    Has it become too big? Without a doubt, yes. I did not enjoy either of the last two I attended. Too many people in a venue ill equipped for the sheer numbers, with too much of a conveyor belt mentality and little or no time to interact with the guests, as it's holding up the next cash cow in the queue. In fact, depending on whether or not I make it to this years (sismic personal event my prevent my attendance), it may well be my last LFCC. When something stops being fun, it's usually time to stop doing it. Early LFCC was a fun time now, not so much...
  3. Rick Deckard

    Guest Suggestions!

    Todd Stashwick - guest star in such shows as Leverage, Hawaii 5-0 and Supernatural AND author of the online comic The Devil Inside. He's up for doing UK events. You'll get two type of guest rolled into one!
  4. Rick Deckard

    Expensive Event

    £25 to get into a disco?! Ouch. Any freebies come with it for that price?
  5. Photos with Gillian AND Jeri now booked! Oh and an an entry ticket...
  6. Rick Deckard

    Problem with online booking

    Page doesn't load - every time I click next instead of going to section 3 it stays on section 2... You were right about the county! cheers.
  7. Rick Deckard

    Problem with online booking

    Trying to book some photo tickets for LFCC but it won't go to stage three of the booking process. Is there a problem?
  8. Don't forget - he's also a Leverage guest - directs for that show.
  9. Maybe American Horror Story, Castle and Dexter instead?! Call it Splatterfest...
  10. Rick Deckard

    where would you like a new big signing event to be ?

    Manchester (handy to get to on train) Birmingham (my doorstep!) Bristol (as Cardiff was in same section as Brum!)
  11. Rick Deckard

    What new cons do you want to attend 2012 selection "A"

    Ditto. Right now, the shows I wanted to see covered would be Dexter, Castle and The Walking Dead - maybe all in one con - called Splatterfest! Would love to meet the Castle gang and the guys from White Collar, even thought I've only seen season one of the latter! I wonder if they're more likely to end up at one of the signing events though.
  12. Rick Deckard

    Thank you!

    Just wanted to say thankts to Tootall for sorting out a problem with excess hole punching on my pass! Was resolved instantly by use of a yellow sticker with no fuss.
  13. Rick Deckard

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Walking Dead (too many to mention), Castle (any of the four main cast plus their old boss) and Dexter guests please. In fact can we have a con for all three, called Splatter? (That was the name my friend and I came up with over the weekend!)
  14. Rick Deckard

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY HEAD

    Fancy seeing you in here! ;-) See you tomorrow!
  15. Rick Deckard

    Party Themes Announced! - ALL 3 NIGHTS!

    I have a feeling that a couple of the parties will really 'drag'...