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  1. Went on Saturday. Everything went well and there was room to breath. Picked up my Star Wars auto's with not much queue at all. Plus you could actually walk up and down the stairs ! Good day.
  2. Awesome ! I have met Tim a few times in the past but if that b/w picture of Tim above with Salacious Crumb is available on the day I will be there again !
  3. Arrived today. Postman decided to leave the package outside in the heavy rain. Luckly the photo was not damaged.
  4. Okay thanks. I will send the mail again as I have sent it to the wrong showmasters address. Sorry also for my rant. I was not in the best of moods at the time and tired.
  5. That could have been me, but I have no idea if I even sent the mail to the right place at showmasters. What is the right email address for this ?
  6. This is crazy ! We notified about this problem two weeks ago and now a month has gone by since the signing. We should not have to be chasing around like this. I think the words "Never again" come to mind !
  7. You are not alone. Mine has still not arrived.
  8. Well, my auto photo has still not arrived. With the Brighton event tomorrow, boy am I glad I never sent a poster in.
  9. Thanks for the info !
  10. Yeah, any news on items being sent out to us yet ? The signing was two weeks ago !
  11. Just ordered.
  12. Still nothing in the shop !
  13. I think it's poor show. Just re-releasing the previous blu rays. Some celebration. I don't even think the boxes look any good. It does not make sense to have Yoda on a box when the rest of the line up are villains. A cause for celebration would have been to include the unaltered versions. Original versions all the way for me not these updated editions. Sorry to be a party pooper.