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  1. Oompa loompa actors please!
  2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory cast eg Michael Bollner Rusty Goffe
  3. Jacqueline Pearce Ewok actors
  4. Brian Wheeler
  5. Great! Photo ops with him and the puppet would be good.
  6. Great list for a big event!
  7. K9 and John Leeson
  8. John Levene
  9. Ian McElhinney
  10. They're alll great and the more the better for the fans. I've been watching the Last Kingdom and would like to meet some of the cast.
  11. It's been stated by Showmasters that Dave Prowse is only going to be doing London based events now as it's easier on him. If you want to meet him you will have to go to any London based events he may be at. I hadn't seen that so thanks for letting me know.
  12. Halle Berry
  13. Dave Prowse
  14. Lucy Lawless Thandie Newton Abigail Spencer
  15. There are lots of great guests at LFCC. Some of them may want to come to Sheffield like: Matthew Waterhouse Richard Franklin Rusty Goffe