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  1. Crikey I'd feel like bit of a perv getting the bum cheeks 'n' shears picture signed but it I suppose is kind of the iconic ISOYG image.
  2. Ah great guest, I wasn't planning on coming back to Cardiff, Bournemouth is more enjoyable, still any more guests like this one and i may have to change my mind.
  3. Seeing as he has his second autobiography out in August Bruce Campbell would be awesome (or should that be Groovy?).
  4. That's an absolutely great start but after the absolute carnage of high profile guests pulling out at the last minute earlier this year I won't get too excited just yet.
  5. Wish i hadn't already paid for tickets now all of my reasons for attending have dropped out, Lance, Julie Benz, Kristanna Lokken, Catrin Stewart, Robert lewellyn, Lisa Wilcox, Carl Weathers.
  6. Any news on this? guests are dropping like flies? also i really wish Donald Sumpter was attending Staurday as well.
  7. I see Chloe Annette has been added to a couple of shows, would be a lovely addition to Bournemouth. And we need at least one Thrones star surely?
  8. Jeffrey Combs would be a great addition to Bournemouth. TV wise Katee Sackhoff would be my ultimate and defintely some GOT guests.
  9. Faye Marsay please, see she's just been added to London, lucky beggars.
  10. It's a shame it would have been good to meet her. Still good line up though, still hoping for one or two more to be added if possible.
  11. Has she pulled out? i can't see it referenced anywhere?
  12. Liliy Rabe Sarah Paulson Evan Peters Dennis O'Hare Any of the above for Bournemouth would be amazing. Plus any Game of Thrones cast would be great, Lena Headey please.
  13. Wow Bournemouth I'm going to have re-mortgage at this rate.
  14. Lance was absolutely top of my wish list, never thought it would happen. I am a huge fan of his.
  15. Lovely, thank you.