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  1. Peter Davison would be great. I've been trying to meet him for years now.
  2. What a lovely guest. If I have enough money I'll have to get him to sign my ESB canvas.
  3. Would love more Alien saga or GoT guests.
  4. Went with a friend who only decided last night to go in order to meet Michael Biehn. We both got their at half 8 and straight in at 9. Straight to Michael. Tick. I got all my other autographs by half 10. We had a drink, looked around the stalls and left by half 11. Still worth it though.
  5. And most importantly Little Ron from Maid Merian and Her Merry Men! Lovely guest.
  6. That would make it easier. I was thinking they were getting off at Sheffield rather than Meadowhall. Going to Meadowhall by train and then tram would be far quicker.
  7. Went today to get mine and they only had Early Bird tickets for Sunday left. Thankfully this is what I wanted, and I'm now hoping Michael Bienn doesn't cancel.
  8. Went to get my ticket from Sheff arena today. There was only the Early Bird for Sunday left (thankfully that's what I wanted). I wonder if there are less tickets this year as they're were plenty available last year?
  9. I had early bird last year and got to the middle of the early bird queue. By 11am I had met everyone I wanted to and stayed viewing talks and looking for merchandise before having my photo with the Doctor's TARDIS console. I think I arrived about half 8.
  10. Another thumbs up for the Tram. As long as you're on the tram to Meadowhall you're heading in the right direction.
  11. Given recent health issues I'm not surprised. Glad I met him at Manchester.
  12. Yay I have a smile on my face. More Thrones please to make me an even happier bunny!
  13. I was thinking Imperial extras!
  14. More cancellations than guests almost. If Biehn drops out there is zero point in attending. Disappointing, but I know it's not Showmasters fault.