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  1. I would to tick off some more faces from Doctor Who. Glad Matthew Waterhouse is attending already. Peter Davison and a double photo shoot with Matthew would be great. Janet Fielding for a hat trick. My son wants to meet Warwick Davis, but that's probably a long shot.
  2. Fantastic. I can finally let him know my hamster (which I had from age 11 to about 15) was called Adric.
  3. Julian Glover would be great. He's done so much it would probably take half an hour for him to sign the things I'd want signing!
  4. Steve Huison from The Full Monty and The Last Train (he was also in Corrination Street and The Royal). Pretty sure he's Yorkshire based.
  5. Rusty Goffe has been announced on Facebook. A promising start guest wise.
  6. I got lucky with the bag search. I had taken a spare canvas bag and popped my drink inside it. When I took it out of the main bag I said it was empty and she just looked into the main bag which had two books and an autograph file. Enjoyed meeting the 5 guests I came to meet, which took 30 minutes. Colette being the loveliest of a great group of people. I was amazed at how quiet the early entry period was but was glad to see the Aliens talk. Shame the staging was poor. The biggest problem I had was getting my son into the convention after the talk. He had been elsewhere with my wife and daughters but wanted to look around. He walked up to the security people but didn't want to come through without me there. I asked at the door if I could come outside to get him as I had his ticket and the women with the radio (an arena official) said I wasn't allowed to leave and come back in again. I walked to the other doors and asked the Showmasters people who walked with me to make sure they knew I had already been admitted so I could get back in with my son. It didn't disrupt or ruin the day, it was just a bit of a faff.
  7. In a talk where Colette was quiet for most of it Mark certainly made up for it with Jenette. It was great meeting him too.
  8. I'd love there to be a flux of new guests as I only have 5 at the minute.
  9. I didn't get a photo last time. Might have to on this occasion.
  10. Wonderful guest announcement. More Saturday announcements like this will be very welcome indeed.
  11. Peter Davison would be great. I've been trying to meet him for years now.
  12. What a lovely guest. If I have enough money I'll have to get him to sign my ESB canvas.
  13. Would love more Alien saga or GoT guests.
  14. Went with a friend who only decided last night to go in order to meet Michael Biehn. We both got their at half 8 and straight in at 9. Straight to Michael. Tick. I got all my other autographs by half 10. We had a drink, looked around the stalls and left by half 11. Still worth it though.
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