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  2. RIP Harry Dean Stanton

    Just so happened on Saturday I watched PRETTY IN PINK not knowing Harry was in this movie. As soon as you see him on screen he oozes charisma and presence. I probably looked at him in a different light as I wanted to appreciate everything he had to offer. Amazing in ALIEN, superb in REPO MAN and I have never seen him be anything less than great. A natural in his profession who was solidly in 5th gear throughout his career.

    The forum is usually quiet now D4em, most people use Fbook and few people come in here. Also most activity stems from announcements or questions re how it works but most people are familiar with the structure, especially for the guests we have, so we need more announcements really. wink wink.
  4. :) the Night King it will probably be a good idea to get his Auto at this price will probably go up after the last series of Game Of Thrones.
  5. She was amazing in Doctor Who :) I will try and meet her if I attend

    Despite the Saturday being sold out, there's really not a lot of buzz about the event.
  7. I was going to meet her at LFCC so if I go to this she will deffo be on my to meet list :)
  8. Guest Suggestions

    I am considering going to this, to make my mind up would be anyone from Red Dwarf some more Game Of Thrones and Doctor Who peeps And I just noticed on the last post Next Gen 30th Anniversary would be great to add to my Wil Wheaton Auto I got at LFCC. I will be probably just be going on the Saturday I live 2 hours away on the train, so I will wait patiently to see if any more guests get announced that interest me.
  9. Harry Potter Car at Cardiff

    So? There's not been a Guardians guest to go along with Groot at other shows either.
  10. The films you've seen, in 2017

    I refuse to use anything that removes a letter for no reason.
  11. 2018 Anniversaries

    Star wars is 40 years i believe
  12. years of regret

    A friend of mine has just discovered the wonder of GOT and in a way I envy him getting to watch season after season in quick succession so certainly don't regret anything. If anything just embrace the ride! :)
  13. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Do any of you guys use Letterboxd? I have found the monthly tasks on there are so much fun and can give you that push you need to watch a certain movie that may have been on your watchlist for ages but you have just not got around to watching. The app is nice and handy too! Like IMDB but better for movies in my opinion.
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  15. Harry Potter Car at Cardiff

    Pity we haven't got a harry potter guest to go with the car!!
  16. Nick Castle aka the original michael myers

    He is 69, according to IMDB. And he hasn't appeared in a film since 1986. I'd like to see Kane Hodder or Derek Mears in the role.
  17. Pre order website

    Sorry but I though I had kept my original question concise as shown below : However, I guess not. Anywhoo, Thank you also for your response below as that is the answer I was seeking ! Thank you for dealing with this query.
  18. Nick Castle aka the original michael myers

    well i wouldn't say Nick was too old he is only in his mid 60's and the role of michael myers only really consists of walking mostly and killing on the spot, but it would be great to see him there again, if not i would like to see second best in Chris Durand
  19. Guidelines and Rules

    The main office e-mail is still info@showmastersonline.com
  20. Pre order website

    I have checked with the office and according to them 10 is correct. I'm trying to get a hold of Jason about the price on the site.
  21. Pre order website

    Sorry, I completely misread your post. I had him down as 15 and so the price on the website would correct. I honestly overread the part about the 10 Pounds given on here. If you keep your questions a little more concise that helps a lot.
  22. Guest Suggestions

    I agree, one of the Bonds would be amazing! And I second Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford
  23. Yesterday
  24. If they are British they will have either been in Casualty or Holby as well.
  25. Pre order website

    You could have just said that the update doesn't seem to have applied enrohm.
  26. Guest Suggestions

    Katherine McNamaraDominic SherwoodWill TudorAlberto RosendeMatthew DaddarioEmeraude ToubiaHarry Shum Jr.Alan Van SprangJon CorDavid CastroJoel LabellePaulino NunesStephanie BennettNicola Correia-DamudeJade Hassouné Christopher Khyman Lee Melody Perkins Hannah John-KamenAaron Ashmore Luke Macfarlane Tamsen McDonough Thom AllisonMorgan Kelly Sarah Powers Star Trek Next Generation cast as this year marks the 30th anniversary of the show
  27. Pre order website

    I beg to differ. The forum post announcing Dean's attendance as of five minutes ago still quotes £ 10. The Guest days and prices forum post as of five minutes ago still quotes £ 10. The event website as of five minutes ago still quotes £ 15. Which typo has been corrected because nothing has changed since my original post and the pre-order shop as of five minutes ago is still showing £ 20 (being £ 15 plus £5). If nothing has changed - exactly what has been corrected ?
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