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For people who wonder why LFCC hasn't announced a cancellation yet

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So I was reading this article about cosplayers being affected by con cancellations, and it says the following:

"The past two months have felt like an endless parade of cancellations, along with demands from the public to cancel even sooner seemingly ignored until the last minute. But there is a reason. As explained by law firm Akerman, most big contracts (like the ones between cons and convention centers) will include what’s called a Force Majeure clause. This “excuses one or both parties’ performance obligations when circumstances arise which are beyond the parties’ control,” and can include natural disasters, acts of government authority, and pandemics. But invoking it is a lengthy process, and success depends on the language in the contract and how it’s applied. In addition, some states like New York, California, and Florida have special guidelines of their own that can stretch things out further."

So this probably explains why there hasn't been a cancellation announcement yet.

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This is a good article about it as well, though it's a few weeks old now, but it details an event in the US that's in that exact position and why they weren't (at the time) able to cancel.  I know it's about another event and all but given the circumstances I think it's worth sharing https://www.themarysue.com/why-cons-are-waiting-for-a-legal-act-of-god-before-canceling/

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