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Latest Guest Announcement - COLIN SKEAPING


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Latest Guest Announcement - Colin Skeaping

Attending: Saturday

Autograph Price: £10

Photo Shoot: £10

Buy Tickets Now


A New Hope - Stormtrooper
ESB - Stormtrooper/Luke Stunt Double
ROTJ - Luke Stunt Double/Biker Scout
Superman - Helicopter Pilot
Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom
Return to Oz - Wheeler
007 - Stunts



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I met Colin today and he was great.

What I do have to comment on though, is the choice of images on his table (or lack thereof).

Colin did stunts for Mark Hamill in the original trilogy, as well as in various other films, yet I think there were only 4 images on his table.

I planned to get 5 or 6 from him today, but ended up only grabbing 3 (and 2 of those were my own images).

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