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Director Denis Villeneuve's version of this sci-fi masterpiece begins filming this year with an exciting cast:

Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides

Rebecca Ferguson as Jessica (concubine of Duke Leto)

Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides

Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Dave Bautista as his nephew Glossu "The Beast" Rabban

Zendaya as Chani

Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck

Jason Momoa and Javier Bardem are believed to be onboard as Duncan Idaho and Stilgar respectively.

This is shaping up to be something special!

Note that the image shown is not directly connected to the film.

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A selection of newly-released images:


Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson as Paul & Jessica


Josh Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac as Gurney Halleck, Lady Jessica and Duke Leto


Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Liet-Kynes

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