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Hey everyone! I heard about Sherlocked this year and was hoping to attend :) I was wondering tho if people were looking for roommates for the event? I've gone to other conventions and usually room w someone but I wasn't sure if people going to Sherlocked were doing this as well?

If not, anyone know where would be a good place to stay? This will also be my first time in London :')

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The convention is in Birmingham (about a 90minute train ride away from London) and is being held at the Hilton Metropole hotel at the NEC, they have arranged a special convention rate for guests but there are also plenty of other hotels at the NEC so you could check them out as there might be cheaper hotels there (just google Birmingham NEC)

I'm not sure if anyone who is staying at the Metropole is in need of a roommate but there may be. On FB there is a group for the convention but am not sure how active it is now as it was originally set up for the first ever Sherlocked in 2015.

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