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How busy will the floors be?


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hi ladys and gents I know this is going to sound silly but I know Saturday is almost sold out and no doubt will sell out fast but just how busy will it be? I want to bring my sister but she has Cerebral palsy and is wheel chair bound, and its one of the bigger chairs shes in. we did do the lfcc on the Friday and even tho it was packed the crew and pit bosses were just outstanding and we never had any agro, same with Bournemouth. but as this is a hotel and not as big as some of the showmasters venues I just wanted to ask to see if she should miss this one out? ive called the hotel but they said they cant comment as they don't know what is planned.

if anyone has any ideas id love to hear them.

thanks for reading this



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Make sure you access through Cannon Place and there are lifts there. I can't comment how big they are in comparison to the wheelchair but we had 8 people in there tonight. There was sufficient space coming out onto the photo level and on the signing level.


I use a walking stick and tend to be very aware of disabled space but it's hard to comment until there's people in tomorrow.


Ask us if you have any questions.



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