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Latest Guest Announcement - GARRETT WANG

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This has made my day :thumbup:
But why have you not announced this on Facebook or Twitter?? Its ensign Harry Kim from Star Trek Voyager

This will get the trekkies super excited!!

edit: I take it back about the slow announcement...hope you had a nice lunch break ;)

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Great call. My daughter met him at MK last spring and he was probably her favourite guest of the whole weekend simply because he was so friendly and approachable. He made time to do a different fun pose for everyone having a photo shoot with him, was up for all kinds of silliness, and looked to be having an awesome time too. Hope he's as much fun for everyone meeting him at Newcastle. =)

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Hi all, I am coming to this event all day Sunday and am a huge trek fan and was wondering if anyone wants to meet up as I don't have any trek friends and I am attening this event on my own, I live in the local area and it would be great to meet up with some other trek fans male of female. Hope to hear back from someone Barry.

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