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They are authentic hand signed photos some from a genre that you can choose and some random ones. Don't expect anything overwhelming in the autograph packs and they are certainly not an incentive to buy a Gold Pass..they should be considered as a nice little extra and that is all.


the packs at the last event were in fact quite overwhelming in my opinion but again as I say I don't consider them the reason to buy a Gold Pass so i never tend to expect much from them and just get what I get :smile:

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I am a Gold Passer and I will not do an event without one the Passes are worth having but not for the free autograph pack as I have said...They are worth it so you don't have to be queueing outside the venue at silly o'clock and then get in and rush about getting virtual tickets for the guests you want to meet as with Gold you dont need VT's you can join the back of any autograph queue as you wish. Also not worrying about your photoshoot number as again you can head to the front of the queue with a Gold Pass.


If you want to fit in loads of meets and photoshoots without having to worry about queues and VT's and if you can afford the 175 quid then without doubt they are worth it..but thats just my opinion lol

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Thanks, I think I'm gonna go ahead and get one then. Do you still have to pre book photo shoots and go at the time given, or can you just take your ticket to any queue?


You will have to buy photoshoot tickets and pay for them. The gold pass does not include photoshoot tickets, you just get priority access to them.

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