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Pretty Little Liars!

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I would absolutely LOVE to meet some/any/all of the cast from PLL - it's a great, well written and clever show that's being sorely overlooked by the TV companies over here in the UK. So, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding and any of the cast would just send me over the edge.


Oh, and David Duchovny, not because he's in Pretty Little Liars, but because Gillian Anderson signed one of my X Files painted converse and now he needs to sign the other one, to balance them up :)


Thanks Showmasters - did I forget to tell you how awesome you all are!

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I completely agree! The cast in amazing. Had the chance to meet Holly Marie Combs (althought it was more for Charmed) but still, to meet more from PLL would be great. Any of the girls, more Lucy Hale and Troian Bellasario. But above all completely smitten by Ian Harding, think I would die, come back to life then swoon.

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