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Registration letter help please

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Hi! Me and my partner booked hotel and coach last minute last night, but havn't bought our tickets for the convention yet as worried the registration pack won't get here in time considering there's only a week left and its a bank holiday. Is there a way we can buy them now and pick it all up when we get there Saturday morning? Also we are leaving before the photos will be ready on Sunday, can we get them sent to our home address at all if we wanted to get some done? Thanks!

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Packs are picked up at the event, it's a registration letter with your name and ticket number that is received in the post.


The online shop is open until Tuesday evening, so you still have time to order online. Just take a copy of your order confirmation with you in place of the registration letter.


Alternatively, Silver and Standard passes will be available to buy on the door.



As for the photo's, they have arranged at previous events for them to be sent out. You need to fill in a form and pay for postage costs. I'm not sure if they do this at all events, though, so you will need to check with someone when you get there.

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