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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - David Hine

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David Hine


Writer: The Darkness, Storm Dogs, Spider-Man: Noir, Spawn


Hine has been working in comics since the early 1980s. His artist work includes drawing for Crisis' 1989 series Sticky Fingers (written by Myra Hancock) and in 1991 he drew Tao De Moto for 2000AD (again written by Hancock) and wrote and drew the futuristic police series Mambo from 1994 to 1996.

Hine is currently best known as a writer on Marvel Comics titles such as X-Men:The 198 and Civil War:X-Men, and one of his most recent projects for Marvel was Silent War. Hine has also written a number of What if? stories which look at alternate outcomes to stories like Annihilation and Deadly Genesis.

He has also written Spawn issues 151 to 184 for Image comics, as well as writing his own manga series Poison Candy for Tokyopop and the Two-Face issue of The Joker's Asylum for DC.







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