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Heathrow buses.

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Last time I went to this hotel (Chevron 7.8) I used the Hoppa buses, but I heard someone say that the local buses are actually free.


Is this true??


If so, which bus no. do I need? Also where do you catch them. (I will be getting to Heathrow on the tube)


Any help to keep my con costs lower than last time would be great.



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Oddly enough I had to look into this for HW4. If you're going from the airport bus station the 105, 111 and 140 will take you past the hotel. I used them on Saturday to get to the underground. And yes it was free, at least up to that point. There's a point further down Bath Road where you have to pay and some of the hotels are past that point but not the Radisson.


The bus station is literally as you come out of the terminal 1,2 & 3 underground station, just follow the signs.


There's a stop just before the McDonald's next to the hotel and one just after the hotel. I pressed the stop request as we went past the hotel an got off there. Barely 100yards or so past the hotel. Very easy and considering the Hoppa is £4 or whatever, quite a saving.


To get back to the airport you have to get to the a stop on the other side of the road.

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285 as well.


If you're travelling by tube, go back to hatton cross as its a quicker bus journey and you can catch the bus from the same side of the road

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