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  1. That's a shame, he's a super bloke. Hope to see him at a show soon
  2. Or alternatively, you could jump on the 10 bus which will take you straight to Olympia from outside Kings Cross and back again. No changes, but a little extra journey time
  3. The blessing of a gold pass is the ability to join any autograph queue irrespective of your arrival time. However, with such a late arrival you potentially miss 9-12 photoshoots (some MAY have a second). The ticket sales desk may be clearer at this time with some photoshoot tickets still available. You might want to consider buying in advance to spread the cost
  4. It was indeed me. Thank you for you lovely comments. Always a pleasure Michelle
  5. I'd be very surprised if Frank's Autographs were absent from this weekend's festivities
  6. The first page of the GUEST DAYS AND PRICES topic has this info - it is updated as often as it can be given the number of recent announcements.
  7. 9/10 is a cup fixture weekend, so MK Dons could still be at home.
  8. There is a Boots outside High St Kensington tube station which should fill your needs. However, some print places have a real problem if you don't own the copyright to the photo being printed.
  9. Fon - Dennis' assistant was Ken and he is pretty awesome.
  10. If you leave the stadium at any point, please remember to put away any weapons. Last year there was an incident in the ASDA next to the stadium and the police were involved.
  11. You 'should' be able to leave a hoodie/jumper on the seat and that 'should' keep it for the day - and this applies to all attendees. However, in such a case of clothing being sat on and the seat not being released by new occupier then you get a crew member involved. It saves a lot of hassle to do this.
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