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Autograph Identification - Help!


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I tell yyou who would definitely be able to help and that is Andrew Jones, I will send him a message on Facebook.


Not worried about being wrong at all, just want to help with autos.



The two are very similar. Trying to find a pic of him from Angel in that outfit and can't.

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It is most definitely Leonard Roberts as he was also in Buffy as Forrest who Adam made a hybrid thingy of!!!!


Would bet all my worldly goods that it is not J :smile:


It's not J. Just google other examples of the signatures.


For example http://www.flickr.co...rts/2500104534/ which is an auto of Leonard someone got at Collectormania Midlands in 2008

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Going in post order


Annalise Morris - Bogle in Chronicles of Narnia

Matt Doran – Mouse – The Matrix

Charlie Bewley – Demetri – Twlight Saga

Justine Wachsberger – Gianna – Twilight Saga

Noel Fisher - Vladamir - Twilight Saga

Tinsel Korey – Emily – Twilight Saga

MC Gainey - Mr Friendly from Lost

Leonard Roberts – D.L Hawkins – Heroes

Chaske Spencer – Sam Uley – Twilight Saga

Fredric Lehne - Marshal Edward Mars – Lost

Nabil Shaban – Sil – Doctor Who


Hope that helps


Although I think most were answered before I got the message



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